Orion federation

Millions of years ago in that system there was a society under great oppression, great hardship, great difficulty, great negativity, particularly in the system of ‘hoova’  which was the central seat of the Orion federation.
Orion 863
The three bar banner, symbolises the transformation of this negative energy to positive occurred through the central Red bar , denoting  this transformation was through the experiences of life, through pain, difficulty, suffering, through the blood of the people, This story of the Orion civilisations took a long time to work itself through.
There were resistances fighting against the oppression, against the negativity who were called the Black League. They took their name from being invisible, being in the dark, being hidden, being surreptitious to fight the fight they believed they had to fight against the oppressive governments of the ancient Orion systems.
One of the Great lessons they learnt at this time, was if you fight fire with fire you just get more fire. So the idea of using the same violent tactics against the government who was using against them, did not work out very well for that resistance movement and created an increase in the suppression, an increase in the negativity. Thus they learned there must be another way and learned to approach the negative energy with positive energy and over time slowly transformed the Orion systems from darkness into light, negative into positive through their sacrifice, through their pain and blood.
Many of the ancient Orion’s made the connection of wanting  to work this out on many different levels inter dimensionally and so created for themselves incarnational connections to other  star systems that had the vibrational energy that would allow them to go through the process of transmuting this negative energy into positive energy, one of those systems was our Solar system.  This again was millions of our Earth years ago. But some of the first incarnations of Orion energy in your solar system occurred on a planet that is now your asteroid belt, it no longer exists as a planet. Known by many names, but we will use Maldek to represent it. Many Orion negativity incarnations were played out there. Eventually the vibration of that negativity became too much to handle and lead to circumstances and situations that ultimately destroyed the planet through collisions with other planetary bodies in the system when it was young.
The incarnations then moved to the next inhabitable planet, Mars. The ancient Orion systems had worked themselves out to some degree but there was still a lot of negativity to be worked out as this process took eons and eons to go through. When Mars also attracted to itself the negative idea of destruction, bombardment of asteroids ripped away its atmosphere resulting in the desolate planet we now know,
The Orion incarnations shifted about six thousand Earth years ago to the Earth plane. This doesn’t mean the destruction of Mars took place six thousand years ago, as there was a lot of interim time in other dimensions whereby this Orion energy was playing itself out and going through different processes before it was ready to come into the earth vibration.
The idea of the introduction of the ancient Orion energies and that process of going from the negative to the positive began to play itself out on its arrival in the area of your planet called The Middle East and in this way it introduced a lot of that ancient negative energy that has to still play itself out, although it is transforming in this day and age. But as you can see in the banner of the ancient Orion systems in the Black, Red and White, you will see this in your history amongst oppressive societies, like the Nazis. (please click here to see 33 current countries that have these colours incorporated in their national flags)
Nazi flag 836So you will recognise that this ancient negative Orion energy is playing itself out in a variety of ways upon your planet, with respect to terrorism, warfare, as these energies are getting themselves out on the table, in front of your faces, so you can finally decide if you are truly done with this process  ​and transmute all this negativity in a positive way into Light, without the idea of having to go through the suffering, strife, struggle, pain and shedding of the blood that is represented by the red band in this system.