Sirius Race - 836


Two races here, Physical and Non-Physical.
Physical   (Sirius A)
Inhabitants – live on a physical planet, amphibious and salamander looking in appearance. A lot of water exists on their planet. They go in and out of it. stay for long periods, although they can exist outside of it. They have visited our Earth in Ancient times. One of those visits which is now coming to light, was to the civilisation called the Dogon (Mali, Africa).
The Dogon’s met with many of these amphibious beings and taught many things to the Dogon tribe. Agriculture, mathematics, celestial phenomenology and so forth, and this has been recorded in the Dogon traditions.
The Dogon’s have referred to this physicalised race as the Nommos, but actually this is two words, the name they call themselves in their own civilisation is the ‘OS’, and when they introduced themselves to the Dogons they said ‘Nomm-Os’, ‘I am OS’.
This race is still in touch with the Earth vibrationally, however they have not visited the Earth for sometime physically. But they will do once the contact agenda is rolled out, and after we have met the Hybrid civilisations.
Non-physical   (Sirius B)
Non-physical Sirius energy, is a higher order of vibration that is already sixth density. That allows us on Earth, by tapping into its vibration to really raise our frequency, to align and download information on a vast array of subjects that can aid and assist us in Life, that can really amplify and magnify our connection between our physical mind and non-physical higher mind, because they exist in a very high vibrational state of higher mind, and function in alignment and allegiance with the Essassani higher mind and the amplification of the higher mind of Earth, the Higher Mind of Essassani, and the Higher mind of Sirius is a formidable Triad of energy that you can tap into for all forms of creative expression,  information downloads , inspirational ideas to aid and assist in many creative ways.
So just by meditating on this vibrational symbol, you can allow yourself to drift into the frequency domain, fifteen minutes maximum, that is represented by the blending of the physical
amphibious Siriuians and the non-physical Sirius consciousness and allow yourself to align with that in any creative endeavor and allow your inspiration to freely flow in an ecstatic state while you are creating.
Sirius Race - block

Sirius is over 20 times brighter than our Sun and over twice the size. Sirius is 8.7 light years from Earth, it is not the closest star system – which is the Alpha Centauri. Sirius is called the Dog Star because of its prominence in the constellation of Canis Majoris (Big Dog). In 1862, Sirius was discovered to be a binary star system with a (twin) companion star, Sirius B, 10,000 times dimmer than Sirius A. Sirius B was the first white dwarf star discovered, by Alvan Clark (a telescope maker) in 1862, However it wasn’t until 1930,  that a ‘white dwarf’ was understood, by Nobel prize winner, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar  
The Dogon priests tell of the arrival of the Nommos from Sirius A in vessels along with Fire and thunder.  Who upon arriving displaced enough earth to create a lake which they then entered.  The dogon who claim their cosmic knowledge derived from the Nommos, knew of 3 stars. The third has to this day not been discovered, which they call Emme Ya.  The super dense, Sirius B, they knew to be both white and also the heaviest star, which perfectly fits a description of a white dwarf which scientists have estimated would weigh approx. 20,000 tons per square meter. Sirius B’s interior has a density 3,000 times that of diamonds. and spins on its axis about 23 times a minute.
Every 50 years,  Sirius A and B, come close together as their elliptical orbits allow.
The Dogon celebrate the worlds longest festival either initially around this date or because of the Hommos knowledge.
The Sigui Festival, happens every 60 years as a once in a generation event to impart the secret Hommos teachings to the next male generation which includes learning a secret language (“Sigi So”) .  The last Sigui ran for 6 years, from 1967 to 1973, with the next one due in 2027.
It is not yet determined whether this festival began as a synchronized, once in 50 year Sirius A-B orbit  and then changed to a 60 year generational wisdom imparting ceremony .
Anyone with astro abilities who would run a Sirius A-B calculation of closeness would be welcomed. please make contact.