Infinite possibility – Raphael

Raphael channeled by Tyler Ellison
“This will be based on being able to create visceral technologies that can help support the generation reach Unity consciousness. The idea is whether you are using a supplement, a crystal, binary beats, no matter what it is how you begin to explore and utilise that technology will always be filtered by a large extent through your belief of what is possible. So we can give you all the schematics we can, many innovations will be made in your world by agreement and we are willing to donate our technology especially from our group but understand no matter what technology we give you it is your underlying eminence, your underlying vibration, that determines how intrically and extensively the technology can be accessed and utilised as well as the preliminarily step of developing Unity consciousness which many of you are tapping into and have experienced.
When you believe that your wildest dreams are possible these technologies will begin to reflect that and this is our primary message to you to ensure you are believing in infinite possibility. As soon as you believe in infinite possibility light and dark is both seen in its fullest so you can embrace what you perceive to be positive and you can transform within yourself what you believe to be negative and this will assist you in utilising the technologies even further because you will ensure whatever emanations you are projecting into Unity consciousness or astral realm to build technologies or go on adventures, it will be this alchemised transformed state that will propel you into freedom in a way that’s not just known but also directly experienced in conjunction with the knowingness and reinforced through the sense of freedom you may have when you dive deep into the astral.
Many thanks to Tyler for allowing me to transcribe and promote his work in the context of this sites theme.
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