Grey Federation

You have arrived now into this vibrational energy which is ripe to interconnect with what we are loosely calling the Grey Federation with three bands consisting of black, grey and white.
Grey Federation
The Grey beings are an amalgamation of a number of different things. They can’t be lumped into one thing. Although there are connections which is why we are calling them a ‘federation’, to represent the different factions of beings that you might recognise in general as ‘Greys’,  in all the different varieties they come.
However as we have previously laid out, the Greys are not really Alien beings. Most of the ones that you are dealing with are a race of mutated beings from a ‘Parallel Earth’ that destroyed itself.
Once they had created a high level of technology on that parallel version of Earth, a technology way beyond where ours (earth) is now, but because they were focused on the idea of technology, and intellectuality eventually they sacrificed the concepts of emotionality and looked upon this as an inferior state of being . Overtime they began to become very disconnected from nature which allowed them to, in a sense, allow their planet to go to seed. They no longer took care of the nature, they allowed themselves to strip mine, to deforest, change the climate, all in the name of their technology and then ultimately looked up and realised that their planet was fast becoming uninhabitable to such a degree that even their technology could not do anything about it and at this point they had altered themselves in such drastic ways in sense of their genetics, their technology, their biology, that they really were, part human and part machine and thus could no longer relate to the idea of nature in a variety of ways but realised what they had done would create a situation where their race would completely, eventually, die out.
They no longer had the ability to reproduce and so they realised in order to perpetuate their species they began experimenting with a number of things:  first because their environment was becoming less and less inhabitable they moved themselves into underground cities, and began experimenting with cloning themselves, over and over again, eventually realising this was of course a dead end.
Even with their technology they could not replicate the original human DNA and knew they needed viable, vibrant, natural, original Human DNA to introduce it back into their genetic structure if they were going to have any chance at all of perpetuating their culture and so they realised that the only way to extract that, would be to use their technology to tunnel in to parallel realities where they knew humans still exist, such as ours and find the DNA that they required to create a Hybrid race, one civilisation of which the Essassani are, to allow their culture to perpetuate itself. so this they did, and created many different Hybrid civilisations.
Nevertheless in expanding into parallel realities as these mutated humans, called the Greys, they eventually created a variety of different versions of themselves and also encountered in those parallel realities, different versions and varieties of themselves including one that is native to the Star system Zeta Reticuli, and by making a relationship with the beings there, they created something that they desperately needed which was a different kind of guidance, on a different kind of level beyond just intellectuality, on a level that could see into different dimensions, could really help them plan out the idea of how to create these different Hybrid civilisations, who could oversee such a vast project that would take eons of time to manifest.
Once they encountered these beings in the Zeta Reticuli system they formed and developed a relationship with them to allow them to become the overseers of all this plan/agenda and in allowing those overseers to participate in that hybridization agenda that would perpetuate their species, in some ways they actually started to defer to them,  allow them to become the primary organisers of their civilisation. These overseers are what many of people in the abduction phenomenology have come to recognise as the insect like mantis beings that are very tall.
So in a sense they became part of the Grey federation as the overseers.
They, Upon recognising that many of the parallel reality versions of Earth that the Greys had tunneled into were also going down  similar paths to the path they had taken that destroyed their world and prevented them from being able to reproduce, prevented from having emotionality, they recognised that by creating these hybrid beings, such as ourselves (Essassani’s) they could also give back a gift to those parallel worlds by allowing these Hybrid beings to stave off the same fate, the same experience, that many of the parallel versions of earth were also going down, so that they would not have to experience the same degree of limitation that the Greys experienced on their World.
So this is one of the reasons why; Bashar and the Essassani’s are sharing information with us, today of your time and for the past 30 years and in a variety of ways to allow you to understand you don’t have to take the same path, that you can change your destiny, that you can awaken to your understanding of consciousness in such a way that you can create a reality for yourself that is quite different from the reality path that they took.

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