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Sufi Whirling – 99 day/night non-stop ‘Sema’

Sufi Whirling assists in opening to and embodying the Quantum Field. Please read this to understand a little more, how and why it works - 'resolving the paradox'. Having attended the previous longest continuous whirling event (66day/night) a few years ago, at the same location, I can highly … Continue Reading ››

The Secret behind Energy – Shifting / Healing Techniques

Matrix Energetics , ThetaHealing, Yuen Method, Now Healing, EFT Meridian tapping,  Energy Healing, Energy medicine etc.. are all energy shifting techniques. I myself am a practitioner of 2 types:  Dr Yuen's 'correction' method, and Matrix Energetics, 2-pointer.  I have had exceptional results with both mediums over the past 7 years.  However it became apparent that such results … Continue Reading ››

Emotional Cleansing

One’s emotions are pointers to Unconscious Belief patterns. Without a belief one can’t produce an emotion. Here is an Essassani technique: When an Emotion arises, find out what you would have to believe is true about yourself in that circumstance in order to generate that feeling. Then change that belief. This is a great way to positively … Continue Reading ››