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HOW to Teleport naturally

Natural Teleportation is a consequence of Humanities shift from 3D to 4D.

4D Teleportation,  is based upon an individual having embodied their previous  dimension (which eventually everyone will do).  This avails one to a broader spectrum of perception and experience.  (Note: there is not a structural change to reality per se, just new eyes that see more of what was already there, but which was otherwise before hidden.)

The new 4D range of perspective, once complete,  allows one to realise they are not just a 1/7 billionth shard of an overall  World Hologram , but that they are indeed the Entire Hologram appearing as a shard. Thus in effect one becomes aware that they  exist in every part of it by default. ‘Omnipresent’.

This expansion of consciousness, still needs a fair bit of refining, during this transitional time,  to allow for full, at-will, targeted teleportation (which I’m currently working on).  But before we get to that level, let’s look at ways that raise our vibration to bridge and embody  the first step.  3D to 4D perspective, the ‘One-derment’ stage, which is now becoming more and more available during this period of  dimensional embodiment.

Almost all the exercises below were used during the ’13 day Teleportation intensive’, which took place in December 2013/January 2014. each one worked well across a broad range of  participants.  During Aluna I, October 2014, we will add to the mix, an ‘Oversoul‘ expansive focus.

De-linking  exercises: (practical methods that unhinge consciousness from constantly identifying as an individual body/mind identity)

1) ‘one-particle appearing everywhere’. 2) ‘reality Expand-collapse’. 3) parallel reality awareness.

World Hologram perspective exercises: (allow an individual to draw a custom reality based around their Joy)

1) Life story – Self-empowerment 2) Mirrorlogy of life  3) State-of-Being = Joy,  cellular embodiment practice.

Annihilation  contraction alleviation: (exercises that Combat: Death/ survival fear impulse.)

During the 3D to 4D shift and first stages of Teleporting, the idea of BIG changes, can bring up a lot of fear around; self-annihilation of the individual identity (EGO).

1) Parallel nature of reality. 2) ‘Change’ -dieing/rebirth.  3)  Positive Ego ID transformation.

Each exercise relates to a practical module, later I will add links and new exercises as they arise. there are many ways to help this process, please feel free to suggest any that have worked for you.

Location Targeted Teleportation:

This is the stage I, the author, am up to.  Thus I can’t give you any tips based on actual experience. Having already teleported in a non-designated way , finding a reliable approach to ‘direct’ is my current challenge.

I will share though, the avenues I am practically exploring/working through at this time:

1) Lucid Dreaming/Physical dreaming. + 3rd strand etheric DNA enhancement.

2)  Practical implementation, of Hugh Everett IIIs:  MWI.  “Many-worlds implies that all possible alternate histories and futures are real, each representing an actual “world” (or “universe”)”.  The Practical Evolution of this Interpretation allows one to jump forward or backward  in Time & Space.

3) Buddha’s : Impermanence & equanimity, is also useful (Goenka Vipassana)  This helps with developing the ‘neutral switching gear’, or ‘0’ point, allowing one to delink & detach, from their current perceived reality.


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