The Bright side to War

It seems there’s not a day that passes without  a new addition to the World’s collective misery: Plane disappears, Plane blown out of the sky, 1700+ killed in Gaza,  Ebola outbreak, widespread Church-establishment sex abuse,  corporate fraud, fracking, worldwide refugees crisis, Libya, Afghanistan,.Iraq, Syria, Egypt internal wars, Mexican drug deaths, schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria,  Ukraine civil war, Russia economic sanctions, etc, etc.
It’s hard to find a positive amongst all this negativity, so let’s dip into an ET’s  ‘outside looking in’ perspective and see what they make of things:
Bashar (edited) : “You’re transforming from  Homo-sapien to Homo-galactica, current events are acting as a ‘crucible‘ as you become the latter from the former”.
“It Seems like there is an acceleration of negativity, acceleration of violence (on your planet), but really this is because you’re at the end of the cycle of limitation and you have to get it all out on the table and deal with it now, because there isn’t that much time left to deal with these things. You have to get all of the negativity out on the table in front of your face so that you can consciously decide what kind of a world you really prefer to have. 
So now that you know you’re strong enough to deal with it, you’re getting it all out of your system as fast as you can, having the most extreme examples come up.”
Osho - a certain kind of darkness

“You have in your terms of counting experienced so many limitations, so many ideas of negative energy, so many degrees of darkness but NOW you are transforming all of that into the light, it takes a strong consciousness to do that, it takes a very strong Soul to dive into very deep, dark realities and still with all that darkness, limitation, negativity, Still find their way to the Light, still transform that darkness into light, that takes a master. 

You are all stronger than you can possibly imagine. And you are not only learning this for yourself but you are teaching this to other civilisations.  Because Earth is one of the most limiting civilisations we have ever come across.

We tell stories about you, you are role models for transforming very dense limitation, this benefits other civilizations who find 
themselves in similar circumstances, Humans are great learners and also great teachers.” Bashar
Listen to video below, from 4min 30sec.


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