4th density device

Dear friends, myself & good friend NgaNga who I co-created this copper replica version  of the ancient stone coffer found in the great pyramid of Egypt with, would like to make public some of the ‘Unreal’, Real results we had and are still having experimenting with it.

Lifespan extension, prolonged deep sleep, Astral/Spirit connection, element surfing and general all-round 3D busting experiences unfolded.
Employing a variety of- sound, crystal & breath aids during two festivals, participant feedback was diverse and 3D startling.
Flying through the Earth, descending to the depth’s of the ocean, conversing with cetacean beings, singing with Earth spirits, things just started to happen once a person laid within the chamber and let go. Senses and perception expanded, unhinged from the limitations of 3D space-time, a new type of Gravity existed, old barriers and borders melted into an astral-dreamlike reality, except this was not happening at night within deep sleep, but in broad-daylight in the midst of two bustling spirit festivals.
Nganga Art14th Density Astral experiences unfolded spontaneously  once the body-mind hit ‘Gamma‘ , the chamber helping as a kind of acoustic gamma resonance booster,  in that state a number of people recalled seeing geometric shapes like the metatronic cube, which I took as a symbol for 4D equilibrium.
Everyone who entered the ‘copper coffer’ received something, about two thirds were consciously & visually aware, and a third unaware but recounted a range of post session physical symptoms like; prolonged deep sleep, palpable energy movements in chakra regions, throat clearing, spontaneous crying/releasing.
Perhaps the most remarkable outcome to date was ‘lifespan extension’,  thought to be  possible as our 3D linear timeline idea loosens but unimaginable how such evidence would be reflected beyond anecdotal hearsay.
To cut a long story short, a wonderful woman who was well aware of palmistry and her own lines, especially her very short ‘life line’ ,  experienced a male inner voice speaking to her towards the end of her session, the voice said: you have extended your life span, she replied within Oh, you have extended my life span, and the male voice replied in no uncertain terms; NO, YOU have extended your life span,… look at your hand.
She brought her hand up to her eyes and was in deep reverence as she beheld a brand new – Long Life line.

Upon visually checking up on her mid session I noticed her eyes were wide open, trance like, and her hands were moving, forming various mudra’s. Additionally upon her exiting the chamber I noticed she was filled with golden flecks, shimmering throughout her body. mmmmm, I have seen human auras rarely in the past but it’s the first time I saw such an ‘effect’.

Later i pondered on what she had said and the gold, rationalizing it with some of the Annunaki concepts around life extension and the use of gold in their society.
Recently I spoke to Raphael an Atlantean being channeled by Tyler Ellison and he confirmed the life extension ability of the chamber.

The chamber is available for private use and experimentation if you’re passing through New Zealand, for a nominal fee of $60/120. including guided breath work instruction &  crystal bowl sound resonance.

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