Movement is Reality

G’Day Friends.

It’s been a while since my last proper post. Stuff was happening to me & my reality, I couldn’t explain. It was a deep, deep dive.

Since my teleportation experience, which confirmed other experiences I had had, like; I am stillness, devoid of movement but the source of all movement and appearances. I was fascinated as to how one, could form reality around their perception.

Briefly, what I saw: Everything goes down (manifests) when ‘conjuncto’ happens. In Bashar language, its the event of the ONE Particle crossing itself, or the Emerald tablet:

“All things were made from the One, by conjunction”.

The ‘X-ing’ event, is to me, the Only ‘happening’ in creation, by entering that, I found Magic happens!

One of the key things I got was, this ‘big bang’ event wasn’t passé, it wasn’t a past event, that had happened, (symbolised by the cross & doctrine + of religion) NO, its an event that is happening! Depending how one perceives it, it quite literally, determines ones life & inter-Face with experienced reality.

So above, so below, everything collapses into Unity, the miracle is I-eye perceive it. The All is the One, the One is the All. Synchronicity is simply the embodiment of wholeness, reflected. A perfect, balanced, relatedness with all natural & living things, harmonised by ALL sharing the same ‘conjuncto’ point, crystallised NOWness…

Teleportation was specifically an adventure of movement within reality, But what Is now unfolding is; Movement is Reality. As such I have a new website more appropriate to sharing these insights via. (more on that later)

I’m excited by it, and what is coming through! Its Beauty! We determine our World, our Reality. The doorway to Self.


Hey if anyone is going to the Arklantis event in Little Rock this coming Equinox weekend, and you’re into Crystal Skulls do let me know, I’d love to catch up!