3-6-9 The Bones of God

Many people have shared insights to the 3-6-9 puzzle: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.1 , so I thought (with the help of the late, great: Walter Russell1 ,  Bashar & Matias de Stefano) why not join in!
These delightful numbers are geometric ‘treasure’ maps, that unveil the entire nature of Space-Time Reality.

The 6 & 9 represent the Spiraling ‘ Golden ratio’, The Fibonacci, moving in opposing directions. Which are reflected out from the prime trinity: ‘32 ‘, as per Walter Russel’s diagram.

WR 369 spiralBelow, an image depicts how they cross each other as they go about their business of spiraling.

fibo-spiralThe points where they bump (vibrate) with each other, are key. Because as Bashar elucidates, a sub atomic ‘Life’ particle is created.

fibonacci dot spiralThese ‘two spirals’ spin out in all directions multidimensionally,  creating infinitesimally (Planck size) super sub atomic particles, and these cluster together to form the nucleus of ever larger particles, a bit like infinite Russian dolls one inside the other, eventually creating things like our periodic table, platonic solids and so on from the smallest thing imaginable to the largest Galaxy.romanesco-broccoliWhich is why the Fibonacci spiral pattern can be seen, if we look carefully enough, in everything, including  our spiraling DNA,. Here’s a fun short clip by Vi Hart:

The Fibonacci crisscross ‘life’ points, are the loom on which manifestation manifests. A pure and perfect geometric structure, Galaxies to Quarks.

uni spiralGravity, is a label scientifically given to something we haven’t yet comprehended, namely what holds our Planet in Space? what  maintains distance between all orbiting things,  (from Sun’s to atomic nuclei)  without which everything would collapse upon itself or explode apart.  Science currently is of the view that we are in some kind of controlled explosion, hence the ‘Big Bang’ and Inflationary Universe theory.  However using the 3-6-9 template, perhaps we can deduce that everything is in a fixed position, orientated in relationship to the structure of a Giant Geometric Vibrating  Net, The Bones of God.

Matias de Stefano offers a compelling point of view stating ‘3,6,9 or 9,6,3 is the code of creation,(forming)  the basic elements of fractality and vibration’. he says the 369 must add up to 1, ONE  in the Universe, and to do that, 9 must go back to 6, and from there, to 3.  He breaks down these numbers into paths of balance, ‘essentially one of expansion and the other of integration. In both, fractal paths are traveled: in the expansion path the 3 primary paths are called Vibration, Energy and Matter. In integration, one is for the Mind, another for the Emotion, and another for the Body, that is, when the universe arises, the vibrations will give rise to the paths of the mind that one day will seek to return to the center of things’.

He further states ‘each of these 3 paths have 3 others inside them. Vibration: possesses: Rhythm, Melody and Harmony.

Energy: has the Positive, Negative and Neutral.

Matter: has Electron, Proton and Neutron.

And all together, they make up a final triode aspect: the All or , eternity.

the Body is divided into Height, Width and Deep,

the Emotion in the Past, Present and Future,

the Mind in Subconscious, Unconscious and Conscious.

“And all together they unite in the Totality that we call: the Being.

In other words, the creation process has 9 steps plus one that integrates them. 10 steps. ”

these steps he tells us relate to the twenty faced platonic solid, the Icosahedron,   ’10 one way and 10 back.’

Matias says by activating the Icosahedron we activate our potential to bring Heaven to Earth, to become Divinities. 

[^1]: Walter Russell & Nikola Tesla  were friends. This phrase was attributed to Nikola Tesla : “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe. however it could easily have originated from Walter Russell, the two men were friends, had shared their cosmologies with Tesla even urging  Walter “to lock up his knowledge in a safe for one thousand years until man was ready for it”.

2. The ‘3’ shows that the 6 & 9 are formed from the same source, Indeed are ultimately the same thing, ( Prime Radiant).

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