3D to 4D trans.parent.see

Palpable effects post Lunar-Solar Eclipses: 

I realise this is subjective, thus from my view-point:

Thoughts are now 3D to 4D Transparent. Before they were being reflected by a ‘hard mirror’. Opinions of my ‘outer reality’ would ping back defining and limiting my persona as I ”reaped what I sowed’.  This ‘Mirror’ has now become ‘2-way’, in that it can still operate as before or as a ‘window’ into an expanded identity.  Freely arising ‘thoughts’ are in a sense, porous, look through the ‘holes’ and these once solid images become a ‘mirage’,  disband & drop away.

The word ‘transparent’ gives it away too, ‘Parent’: something out of which another thing has developed (merriam-webster dictionary). The impersonal becoming personal-embodied. ‘Trans’: across, beyond, through. = Personal to impersonal-embodied or “Embodying the dimension one previously thought they were apart of’  Bashar

Jesus & Buddha both mention ‘tests’ to overcome, and the Sage ‘Mooji’ called them a ‘pack of rabid wolves’ when he recounts his enlightenment event. ‘Thoughts’ bombard a being to hook them back into their persona-identity, Mooji states they have a limited timeframe to accomplish it, if one can withstand the onslaught, they are FREE forever, the mind has been mastered.

It’s so easy to write & read this, nod and agree, but this can’t be understated, for according to every Sage, it’s the sole purpose of this reality. Therefore the Lunar-Solar Eclipse has been a gift, a huge leg-up in Self-awareness BUT now one has to be ever more alert as ‘thoughts’ attempt to reassert themselves. If someone were to say to Bashar ‘I experienced depression and attempted suicide’, he would likely reply; ‘how exciting’. But how many did succeed? Neg. thoughts are like  a Trojan horse eventually they takeover..

It’s a great exercise to write down those that one is most afflicted by, bring them to the surface.

To offer the reader a different perspective on how powerful ‘Neg. beliefs’ are, I am sharing the work of the late, but ever present, Franz Bardon, a scientist of the Hermetic tradition, who created a genre for these belief patterns: Elementals, Larvae, Phantasms & Phantoms all of which contain the instinct for ‘self-preservation’. He likens their nature to ‘vampires’ as they feed of a beings mental energy to sustain themselves and grow;

a. Elementals: beings created consciously or unconsciously by man as a result of repeated and intense thinking. Influence limited to the mental sphere. The elemental is equipped with a certain quantity of consciousness.

b. Larvae:  form themselves involuntarily in the mental sphere as the result of strong physical anxiety; usually fear, grief, sorrow, fright, hatred and envy. will try to prolong its duration of life as far as possible. For this reason, it stimulates the mind of the given person, trying at every opportunity to draw his attention to the cause of anxiety and to revive it constantly. When no attention has been paid to the anxiety, the larvae too will disappear.

c. Phantasms (shadows): Phantasms are animate presentations of people already deceased. Created  by intense bereavement of relatives & friends. (spiritual mediums often tap into these, instead of the actual deceased person).

d. Phantoms:  a phantom accepts a certain form originating in the fantasy of Man and has a strong instinct of self-preservation. the phantom is likewise reinforced, revived and animated by the repeated evocation of images, regardless of whatever the matter might be, and it will be capable of influencing not only the mental or astral plane, but also the material level. Two examples may serve to illustrate this topic:  

phantom of eroticism: Utilises pornographic images to provoke the sexual instinct; to onanism and allow sexual intercourse in the victim’s dreams.

phantom of victimisation: One is under the impression of being persecuted at every turn (persecution mania). Human beings strongly influenced will have an innate scowl or display demoniacal features. (if one is sensitive can lead to: a nervous breakdown, gradually becoming insane,  committing suicide or else in a mental hospital for the rest of their life). F.B states, if that happens ‘The phantom has fulfilled its task’. Interestingly F.B suggests once the being has entered Spirit, s/he realises they had been taken over by the phantom,  ‘committing a well-organized suicide’.