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999 – Everything will change in 2016

Are the three dates: 9th September 2016;18th September 2016 & 27th September 2016, key trinary points in Humanities awakening to a broader perspective of themselves in the context of ET awareness and dimensional shift?

Each date numerology speaking equals: 999,  a ‘bingo’ awakening moment that is underscored in a recent Bashar session, but perhaps more pertinently coincides with the recent: Epsilon, Epiphany & Eclipse, (Essassani Oversoul) transmission which  pointed out that ‘Everything will change in the Fall of 2016‘.   This nicely fits in with Bashar’s previous ‘Cycles of Nine‘ message (20th June 2013) , where he references ‘Nine is a reductive number’ and ‘represents a vibrational “borderor threshold‘, that will act as a  “limit” point for physical reality, before we transition into the 4th Density state.

In the ‘Cycles of Nine‘ transmission he makes reference to a period between 2015 and 2017 where humanity will know for sure that ET existence is an actual FACT and elucidates further that the later ‘9’ years of 2025 – 2034 are Human-ET physical contact windows . (see videos below)

What do you think / feel? will these dates be major trigger points?

Expanded + Spanish sub itles

‘Cycles of nine’, full audio & video available for purchase @: http://www.basharstore.com/cycles-of-nine/

Being YOU solves the Puzzle

“Many people on your planet have for  along time been under the impression that the idea of unity comes from homogenizes,  from all being the same,  nothing could be further from the truth, it is the true validation of every single individual that creates harmony and  synchronicity that allows you to truly function as a unit. Thus then you retain your individuality, you retain your unique perspective and energy while at the same time, because you are true to the unique vibration you are, you harmoniously and automatically fit with every other being, also being true to themselves, in much the same way as you have a picture puzzle, all these different pieces are unique shapes. If anyone of those shapes tried to be a shape they were not, it would not fit and not allow the whole picture to be formed.

The only way the entire picture is formed is by each piece being exactly what it is, which means it fits perfectly with all the other pieces and thus then creates the whole picture that can then support all the individual pieces that make the picture up, that’s how it works.


Validate your uniqueness and you will be yourself and in being yourself you will support the unique perspective that ‘All-That-Is’ created you to be.  ‘All-That-Is’  needs you to exist, because without you  ‘All-That-Is’ wouldn’t be ‘All-That-Is’.”  Bashar

Bashar’s message makes such obvious sense, our own; hierarchical , educational, religious and governmental systems of centralized power are testament to this. Inequality glued together with a libel dose of fear, the ‘needs’ of the whole taking precedence over the needs of the individual.  Be it: Capitalism, Socialism or Communism,. Be it: Jewish, Islam, Catholic, Hindu or Sikhism.  They are all top heavy.

The idea of a perfect pattern  is made, and we’re all expected to fit into it, and be happy ever after.  We’ve been playing this game for thousands of years, yet the best we can muster throughout a history of evolution is plenty of the same: famine, poverty, & wars.  We’re suppose to believe that’s because of people not ‘fitting in’ to someones idea of the  ‘perfect pattern’ and being a nuisance, hence:  Army – Wars and Police- Prisons.

How about we flip all this around and re-orientate our education and collective evolution around the individual! Why not try a different approach?

ie: ‘Teachers’ will now have to use their imagination to find the best approach to support the gifts of each unique child, allowing them to fully BE themselves, fully tuned as Bashar says its a simple formula:
in every single moment that you can, act to the best of your ability on whatever contains the most amount of excitement, joy, love, passion to the best of your ability taking it as far as you can until you can take it no further , with zero expectation of the outcome, of how  it should be.”

From what Bashar has shared this ‘colony approach’ has attributed to the annihilation of whole civilisations and Worlds. Indeed the artificial Essassani oversoul, Epsilon, Epiphany & Eclipse, were created to purposely safeguard against this tendency:
“the idea of the hive mentality required homogenization of their individuality (the Greys) when in fact the opposite is the case and the strengthening of the individuality of all aspects are what creates true harmony, true synchronicity, true telepathic interaction between all members of the society , so we (Epsilon, Epiphany & Eclipse) were formed  to ensure the  stabilization of that connection . the stabilization of that energy”