The Human Reverse

Eclipscal Shock

Two major Eclipses are bearing down on Planet Earth this August. Pow Wow.

Brace for a; Body, Mind, Spirit JOLT. The ‘Sprouting’ event I mentioned in the previous post is underway.

Feminine energies, which terminated The Grey’s civilisation and created the whole Bashar thing, are uncompromisingly in play. Clearly, anything that can stop an intelligent Life form from self-reproducing should be taken notice of.

This event will play out in 7 billion+ personal ways. But the fundamentals (F) will remain the same across the board.

The Human Race is going into Human Reverseultimately in a good way.

(F): The Earth (and everything on & in it) is shifting Polarity, from a dominant Positive charge to a dominant Negative one. from: Repulsion to Attraction (imagine a magnet). The Electromagnetic creative, sustaining juices of our Solar system are rebalancing to produce a flavour slightly tilted in the Magnetic polarities favour. This will affect our consciousness, and how we perceive our reality.

It is already well visible & growing exponentially in our energy & motion sectors. Repulsion based systems that work by forcibly dividing molecules, Fossil Fuel, nuclear etc. are being superseded by ‘attractive’ implosive energies, Batteries, Solar and many more to come. ( characterised by evolving degrees of ‘Silence’ & ‘zero’ residue waste).

Tangible effects:

More, spatial & subjective, less Objective & materialistic.

Fear of the other (repulsion) giving way to; Affinity for the other (Magnetic attraction).

Shifting from ‘Finite’ to ‘Infinite’. No more A to B, goals, destination orientated life. It’s about how we feel, how we are, our ever present state of being.

A new colour will descend on life, instead of being illumined by the stark, unforgiving, directness of masculine Solar rays, we will be governed by a multitude of phases and shades akin to the ever changing Moon. Life will be purposely undetermined and unpredictable enhancing our Joy & new spatially centric disposition.

I am sure you can think of many ways, how this effect will play out individually & collectively.

On this note, if we follow the logic of parallel realities and the ‘splitting train tracks‘ metaphor we can deduce that we will all be given a choice of which Earth we prefer to Live on. Did the Grey’s, having reached this stage of their evolution, choose the ‘Solar-masculine’ path? Because this would nicely explain their offspring’s (essassani) glaring awkwardness at predicting our Earth’s future probabilities. I do not wish to be construed as ungrateful towards the Bashar material which this site is largely founded upon, for there are such wonderful gifts coming from this source, however I do wish to point out that one of the ‘Solar traits’, is to be ‘mental’ and ‘mindy’, and Earths present denial of ‘forms’ (environmental genocide) for some kind of salvation via an unknowable God, is not dissimilar in worshipping an unknowable E.T. Remember according to Bashar the Grey’s came to this Earth, primarily, to extract the Electromagnetic fluid for their survival, my words, Bashar would say healthy, reproducing DNA. I will write a more detailed post on this subject at a later date. But for now, when we become more ‘spatial’, we will wake up in ‘forms’, and discover – we are the Universe, or as Bashar stated ‘ the dimension we previously thought we were apart of’.

Getting back to what may happen collectively. How things will play out in this shift, is a Big call, but nothing should be discounted. Life will use Whatever is most effective. Expect a JOLT as the motion reverses, like a train being detached, a major contrast would do it, anything that guides a person to really look within and question the direction of their World, their life, what is important to them.

The glaring and most obvious one in the World right now, is a WAR. The Masculine Solar ‘sweet spot’ is specifically focused and triggering the USA (August 21 2017), Interestingly the USA as a Country & its president are both Ruled by Gemini (duality mind) the essence of the Eclipse rays are headstrong, dominant & indomitable LEO. So all the factors are in place for an international scrap with N.Korea which could morph into bigger things if different sides jump in, Russia, china, Iran, Israel etc. Again life will only use the scale required to get every one involved in their own reorientation or not. The Iraq war, financial crash, sit-ins, oil pipelines, and all protestations, were just preludes to gauge & reflect back to the people the scale of their own power. We ALL know now, what with instant communication, we individually can amass numbers that can topple any Government, any army, in a heartbeat. If a War eventuates it will be short-lived – the people will stop it, a precedent will be set, that will evolve and mature overtime, reversing real control, back to the people.

We just need the ‘reason’. AND one other thing, We have to de-hypothesise ourselves from the mindset that believes we perpetually must be ‘governed’. Bashar talks about this being derived from the ‘blue-blood’ lines of the Annuanki, our biological Dr. frankestein, creators and Gold loving Rulers. Inferring that, If we’re NOT being ruled, we have No right to Life and living. But I personally see it more from the ‘Solar’ trait, as a means to deal with the prevailing, divisive, electro ‘repulsion’ energies, and subsequently generated innate fear of the other. Thus we individually ceded to form societies, not through natural affinity with one another, but fear. safety in numbers to protect us from the ‘Other’, unfortunately we allowed our leaders to select who the ‘other’ was, and in many ways a countries might, was abused, bullies found they could grab the spoils, and the rest is consigned to history. Countries overpowering one another became a sort of perverse sport.

That has brought us to what we have now. Where its plainly obvious to everyone, these ‘administrative rulers’ are mostly self-indulgent jerks! fundamentally interested in feathering their own nest.

BUT what’s the alternative? That’s what stops us from changing things because individuals can’t see a viable alternative, and from a Solar mindset perspective that’s true. Better stay with the devil you know logic. However from a Lunar, Feminine Heartset, its simple. Just like nature, allow it to naturally evolve. Just stay spatially present. Everyone will find their own best place to be via natural ‘affinity’.. Government and to be governed, is now an old solar masculine maxim, that’s passé. We’re now at the event horizon of a whole new, autonomous reality and now is the time to latch on to any interdependent systems that wholly reflect it.

That’s what these Eclipses represent, they are the trigger or sprouting of this new life orientation.

Just watch how it now evolves and play your role in it, not from a confused state, but because you KNOW what’s going down and are in its flow. Time to wax the surfboard and ride the bow wave.

I will post an ‘infinite’ breathing exercise later, which is a good slip, in assisting detachment from ‘finite’ entanglement.

Love & light 🙂