Aries Total Lunar Eclipse – A Trojan Horse

4th Oct
Well this is beginning to shape into something quite extraordinary. Our Moon is acting as a surrogate for the extra-Saturn planets. On this eclipse it will to amplify, and cement the vibration of Uranus into our physical consciousness. Shifting Vibration like a switch, or clock to Neptune and then Pluto on the two subsequent Total Lunar Eclipses.

UranusNeptunePlutoBy setting up this symbiotic resonance we’re being stretched beyond the veil of Saturn, into a realm which we mostly only frequent during non-awake states. Saturn, allows our physical reality to be perceived and navigated in the way we’ve been accustomed to accept as normal & natural. To breach this field in the waking, physical state is going to open us to a whole new reality, a new way of perceiving ourselves. The Moon by impersonating these planets, is creating a preparatory field to adjust to them while in our ‘safe’ ‘normal’ reality domain. At least up until it becomes our default setting when the 3 x 999’s of 2016 kick in (read 999 post). The three nines also relate to the 9 rings of Saturn, cosmic choreography and chronology at its finest.

Uranus – 1st Total Lunar Eclipse: Libra combined with Uranus balances the Higher with the Physical mind. fusing Space and Time in a new dynamic. For example: Our bodies currently move against the background of static earth/space. But what if my Body was static and the Earth/space was the only thing that moved (a bit like dreaming a life while body asleep)? Now imagine a fusion between the two. its like that.
If you get glimpses of perceiving yourself from afar, like watching your life from a grandstand, then is a sign you’re being affected by these energies.

Neptune – 2nd Total Lunar Eclipse: Awake in the Dream

Pluto: : – 3rd Total Lunar Eclipse: more to come here, but along these lines: “Pluto/Scorpio ‘Kills Off’ the lesser and grosser attachments to the material, so that a more refined physical, emotional and mental body may be created for the decent of the Soul” Alan Oken

The main thing at this time is not to resist these energies, but to wallow in them, soak in it, revel in it, feel the Ecstasy, float with it. Re-label the new state you feel as normal and the old state as abnormal (thanks for serving but now time to move on). Embrace the fuller sense of self.

Each one of us will experience this uniquely, so it will be good to share how its unfolding and build a picture of the scope to this transformation. What are you noticing? what are the effects appearing like through you?

In a way these 3 (body, mind, soul) Total Lunar Eclipses are like building a rocket ship for a wonderful trip ahead, the rocket being launched on the 3 x 999 dates of 2016, Big changes ahead!
How we experience these eclipses will determine the sort of trajectory we can expect.

More to follow post Eclipse.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna!!!

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