Alchemical Exercise

Giant moai, standing silently below the three volcanoes that form Easter Island, gazing  over nothing but endless ocean.
This permission slip exercise, harnesses an ancient Breathing code, inspired by the Moai.

The preamble: We will use Breath as our medium. Air is the mediating element between Fire & Water. Like a battery, the mediating substance stores the charged energy. Orientals call it Prana, Chi etc,  according to Bashar his civilisation exist solely on it and humans arrive here with our Alpha breath and will leave with the Omega. So breath is an indisputable vehicle of transformation without which we’d all ‘short circuit’ into a dead battery. These three elements, created by Spirit, together formed the fourth: Earth, our physical embodiment. 

Eclipses highlight these processes by presenting a ‘time-space warp’ contrast eg: a lunar eclipse will take one through all the phases of a 28day lunar cycle in about half an hour. During a solar eclipse, one will experience a 12 hour night in 2mins, or two nights and 2 days in a 24 hour period.  Our seemingly fixed continuity relationship we have with our inner-outer reality perspective loosens.  I can still choose not to particpated by distracting myself via my ego mind maze or actively engage and surf these ambient energies.

To sum up, the Sun & Moon are like polarities of a battery, active & passive. (during daylight we’re mostly active, night – passive: resting, sleeping. After I actively run, I must rest) ‘So above, so below’, its happening in everything across the board, big or infinitesimally small. 

Now as these spheres shift into alignment, the mediating element – Air, life-force energy, alters accordingly. It becomes much less polarised and way more Unified. If one studies vedic science etc, one can read that the elements and emotions are synergistic, and integral to our behaviour. Eg: Fire: active = enthusiasm, passive= anger and so on. Usually we’re dancing on a see-saw of active-passive emotions, cause & effect does the rest. 

The Eclipses, especially, offer a moment of balance, of neutrality, of conjunction.

Here’s the exercise, if you like  write and let me know how it worked for you. But I find just doing the exercise is enough, something else takes over and we each discover what we need to.
 Moai Unity Breathing

get comfortable – either in a chair or laying down.

Close your eyes – better for first few times, then can try with eyes open.

So like a Moai, gaze into the Horizon (unlike a moai you do not have to physically overlook one), just imagine seeing the horizon ahead of you, sea meets sky, or land meets sky. Look at where the two meet, you are now focused looking at that point.

Now just breathe. (One doesn’t have to overload their lungs, with fast breathing, etc, just full, easy breaths). I breathe mostly through my nose.

Feel into your body. Parts of your body, progress this over time to total pore breathing.

Can switch and experience breathing with your abdomen only, or chest only or a combination. 

One can also add in Bashar’s breathing technique, where one is breathing as though it were a mouth breath, but through the nose. It can take practice to mesh these two together, but when you do its even more powerful.

When thoughts come up, just let them float on by as you continue to focus on the horizon.

No real time duration, could be hours, or 10 mins, depends on how deep you go.

If you feel a sensation of separation occurring, that’s good, that’s the previous ‘identity’ loosening. Fear can arise, panic, but only mildly,  it depends how heavily one is attached to their body-mind ego, parents, kids, work etc are all tied to it, getting you to believe that you’ll lose them if you change. Remember what Bashar said: “you will always be you, that can never change, you will only become more of who you are”

If you feel a sensation of ‘Falling’ or of about to Fall, lots of fear can come up, because one doesn’t feel they can survive such a huge bottomless Fall. Just Let GO, FALL, because – and this is so incredibly vital, there is no bottom, THERE IS NO BOTTOM, its infinite, bottomless. Which means you’re really FLYING!!! So have no fear, just jump.

The Eclipse energy of this cycle lasts until 21st Jan 2019. so if you do not slip though into a new you, during this eclipse there are plenty more opportunities. Ultimately this can become your default breath.