​Bashar & Solar Eclipses

Bashar’s most recent public gathering, titled: The Manifestation Space, underlined the potential for transformation within the upcoming Solar Eclipse. The rapid switch from Light to Darkness to Daylight, being an opportunity to face and transform hidden Fears & negative belief patterns held within. He stated unequivocally: “The goal of having a life is to experience transformation. From One state to another. The process is the goal“, of course this is nothing new, Sages throughout history have uttered the same in a multitude of languages, however his opening monologue did have a novel approach, reflecting how ‘humans’ make reality believable. “MANIFESTATION begins with this prime (reality) belief.” he says. Which is “ a self created construct of my consciousness made to look like it’s OUTSIDE of me”. He went on to describe how this ‘prime belief’ is created via our ‘state of being’ (a frequency generated by our; beliefs Definitions, emotions & thought processes)  broadcasting out, then being reflected back to us through a sort of ‘This is Real’ confirmation filter  “Without this enhancement, physical reality would not be experienced as Real” he adds. Further, to relieve ourselves of this habit, we’re encouraged to become aware of this ‘prime belief’ constantly parroting ‘This is REAL’ which will have the opposing effect, Reality will become more illusory. 
I like the way Bashar uses a modern slant to get across an old, but timeless message. Here’s an oldie – enjoy 🙂

“There  was  once  a  seeker  who  approached  a  Sage  and  said,  “Master, have  you  seen  God?”  And  the  Sage  asked  him,  “Why do  you  want  to  know?”  The  seeker said, “If  you  have  seen God, you  can  give  me  his  darshan,  allow  me  to  see  him  also. The Sage  said, “Before  I  give  you  God’s  darshan  I  have  to introduce  you  to the  Lord.  Pray  tell me who are you?” And  the  seeker  puffed  himself up  and  said, “Why  I am John  Brown. The Sage  said, “John  Brown  was  the  name  that  was  given  at birth. Tell  me  who  you  really  are.  Who  are you?”  The  seeker said, “I  told  you  sir, I  am John Brown, I  am a Catholic.”  The  Sage  laughed and  he  said, “Your name, your religion were  given  to  you  at  birth. You  are  not that,  tell  me who  you  are?”  The  seeker  was  becoming  flabbergasted,  he  said,  “I  am  an architect.”  The Sage  laughed  again  and  said,  “You  went  to  school  to  be  an  architect,  this  is  your  profession. But I  want  you  to  tell  me  who you  are  right now  so that  I  can  give  you  the  darshan  of God.”  At  this  time  the  seeker was very nervous. And  he  said, “I am, I am a man!”  Again  the Sage laughed, “Obviously so, but  this is  your gender. Who are  you really? Who are  you  tell me?”  The  seeker was really upset  now. He  was crying  and  he  said, “I  am a part  of  the  family  of  human  beings  of  mankind.”  Again  the  Sage  laughed  and  he  said,  “This  is  your  genus.”  But he  looked  at  the  seeker and  he  had  a great  compassion  and  decided to give  him a teaching. He  said  to the  seeker, “You  have  such  little  knowledge  of who you  are. How can you  possibly know  who God  is? First  know  thyself. Know who you  are. Then you  will not have to ask anyone for the darshan of God. You will know it yourself.”

— Robert Adams, T121: You Have To Desire Freedom