Splitting Prism

Multiple ET Transmission’s have pointed to a ‘time’ of transformation, whereby Human’s will select their chosen ‘Earth’ reality experience  , purely by their ‘state-of-being’.

Our beliefs, emotions and thoughts vibrate (state-of-being) and this resonance attracts other resonances  alike to coalesce  and form our living physical reality. This happens because our physical reality exists within our consciousness.

During our third density/fourth dimensional  experience we have considered our outer physical reality to be independent of ourselves. But during the imminent shift to 4th density/5th dimension  we awaken to the self-created nature of our existence.

During the third density  stage, we have created a wide range of ‘state-of-beings’ within our World reality. Right now there are people living in a famine,; being bombed in a war; sleeping in a cardboard box, born in a jungle, imprisoned, cruising on a super-yacht, living in silence & celibacy in a monastery or a 100th floor apartment in noise & debauchery and so on.  The range of living resonances are immensely diverse.  Through many incarnations we have experienced the lot; Man or Woman,  Prince to pauper, murderer and murdered.

At this time there is a  ‘Great Compression’ , whereby all of those past 3D experiences, are being cognized  either; unconsciously, subconsciously or consciously, via their Oversoul, distilled into an orientating and refined ‘tonal-key’ to match an individuals chosen signature preference of expression.

During the Great compression a Great Dimensional Expansion happens simultaneously.  Our three spatial  dimensions (3 sided pyramid-tetrahedron) transform into four (hyper-pyramid or tetragramaton).  To get an idea of this, imagine  a four-sided  pyramid. Imagine it as big as a Tipi-house, with four big doors on each side. Now should one different  person  enter through each side of the tetrahedron. One walks in from the basement and three others enter through each of the three side walls, we will end up with four people in the center of the tetrahedron.  So that’s four different and diverse people all in the same structure , at the same time.


Now to imagine a tetragramaton , each of the previous four people will enter the four sides as before but this time they won’t see each other in the center, even though they all entered each side of the structure at the same time.  Because in a ‘tetragramaton’  each side represents an entirely new and independent dimensional reality in exactly the same place, for each dimension overlaps the other but do not touch. A tetragramaton  consists of twenty dimensions, because each side of the tetrahedron is a complete tetrahedron, imagine 4 complete tetrahedrons overlapping inside each other plus the original tetrahedron = 5 total x 4 sides each = 20 dimensions.

Now in one tetrahedron there could be a swimming pool, in another a football pitch., but one wouldn’t experience the other,  in just the same way that anything outside our visible light spectrum we do not register, its invisible, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there, its just that we can’t perceive it.

The splitting prism, the Great Change, happens automatically. We will end up in a dimension, a Parallel Earth, with  a much narrower field of diversity, with people that resonant to the ‘tonal-key’ of our preference,  speeding up our evolution and enhancing our enjoyment of living.

This is why ‘Epsilon and the Essassani Triad‘ have shared their recent transmission, indicating we have a little over 2 years to align with our highest; Joy, excitement, Love, Passion.  Ensuring a most Joyful shift from one dream to another.

Bashar has used a ‘train tracks’ metaphor, please listen to the two videos clips below: