6th Hybrid race - violet star

6th Hybrid civilisation​

As Earth develops into the Sixth Hybrid race following ET contact, it will be vibrationally represented as the symbol below, however as it develops and reaches its pinnacle the energetic symbol will expand into the image above, containing a violet six pointed star in its center.

6th Hybrid raceEnergy ‘contact’ symbol (flag), a sort of vibrational telephone number.(Black background – White hexagon – violet dot)

Our current Earth symbol representation outside of our future Hybrid relationship, is denoted as follows:


Source: Bashar : interstellar enneagram

Bashar on 12th September 2015 – Sedona Vortex Array,  displayed a new set of Hybrid symbols, which although not stated, likely relate to each  world’s  individual resonance, this is the symbol for the coming 6th Hybrid race.

6th Hybrid world vibration

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