5th Hybrid civilisation​

Energy ‘contact’ symbol (flag), a sort of vibrational telephone number.(Black background – White pentagon – green dot)

5th Hybrid - Yahyel race‘The Yahyel’ also known as ‘The Shalinaya ‘ (“those who will come first”)  .  Yup, These will be our first ET, eyeball to eyeball  visitors. They are also the most human looking in appearance, whereas the 1st Hybrid race are the least human looking.  Their ships are the ones most spotted as UFO sightings.  Their Flag, or ‘energy symbol signature’, above is used in relationship to the 5 other hybrid races.  However their individual world vibrational symbol is this:

Yahyel symbolTheir ships are housing our ‘freelancer’ kids. These are children Hybridized from DNA taken from an Earth Mother/Father.  Upon ET contact with the Yahyel, these children will be brought to Earth and raised here, eventually intermixing and helping to raise the consciousness by assimilating a new vein of ‘cosmic’ DNA into our relatively inbred DNA/blood stock.

The Yahyel are closer in appearance to us earth Humans than the other  Hybrid races, and will thus act as a less ‘shocking’ buffer as we slowly adjust to not being along in the universe. The Earth hybrid children they are nurturing for us, look even more similar to ourselves, so they are in effect forming the genetic bridge between our two races.

We will be making contact with the other hybrid races at a later stage, in the order listed here.  Each race encountered being less human looking. in appearance.