​Magic Moments

A strip of Dark ‘magnetized’ Sunlight is falling upon Planet Earth, August 21st 2017, But will it take a strip out of you?

If you witness these events, it has:
You the Boss, or your Boss, out-of-the-blue, decides every employee shall receive an equal share of the profits.  (your boss has suffered a magnetic moment, only electro-repulsion, creates such unbalanced dynamics as a CEO earning 200 to 400 times more than the average employees salary} 

Your personal HIS-story is wiped. Like an overexposed chemical photograph, all one’s retained ‘data’ of who they are, the images they reference as being a ‘me’, might not be there. This event is commonly know as ‘Enlightenment’. Like a Magic trick, we see it clear as ‘daylight’, then the mag-net-ician puts a cloth over, (dark Sun) , and then bingo, daylight again……whatever was there… isn’t any longer.

New Moons have always represented change, but supercharged ones aligned with a Total Solar Eclipse, like a Giant kid scorching the Earth with a Lunar magnifying glass, is a time of high-stakes change, particularly in the sweet spot. It’s forecast that about 200million people will experience it, putting it right up there with the most humans to ever witness one simultaneously. The hundredth monkey syndrome will no doubt be in ‘exponential’ overdrive. 

How can it alter people?

By plane-polarizing. A bit like the old chemical photography process, whereby the negative film is the inverse of the original. Dark where its Light, Light where its dark. The effects are many and different to each individual but the collective theme is (read preceding posts) a modification of the chemical balance in humans from a ‘divisive’ electro-repulisve disposition to ‘the many are one’, magnetic-attractive, state of being. The Total Solar eclipse (and Lunar Eclipse that filters Leo –Sun through Aquarius – Magnetic Moon) represents a giant photography developing lab, bathing the Earth’s surface, in negative ‘happy’ ions, a mag-net-ic moment indeed.