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Aluna X Lunar Eclipse

Those who control the present, control the past, and those who control the past control the future.” ~George Orwell, “1984”

What a year it’s been! Visitors to this site would have noticed I haven’t had an urge to write much, since this time last year, just prior to Aluna I, and now, here we are, on the cusp of Aluna III, and what people are calling ‘Wave X’. Indeed III could well be interpreted as ‘X’. the TWO (II) crossing and forming a THIRD (X) unified and balanced.

As I see it that symbol sums up what’s about to take place.

The separation between Waking and Dreaming states crossing and merging as one awaken reality. (see easter island post)

Two hemispheres of the brain linked as one.

Duality – becoming a Triad.

Subject and Object – becoming one.

The depolarization of Duality ( see Mecca post)

I wrote pre Aluna I, of how these blood moons are acting as a beacon for bringing in the frequencies of the extra Saturn planets. Aluna II brought in Neptune and this one links in Pluto. Once we’re accustom to these, they come in full tap on the 999 trigger. (3 dates September 2016). It’s clear from Bashar’s recent transmission the ‘Fall of 2016’, is code for the whole year being a fall!. In 2016 everything falls. 999 will be a high point in the fall.

The 3 extra Saturn planets are our dreaming reality. The 7 inner Saturn planets our waking experienced reality. Thanks to the Moon and our Galactic brothers & si-stars for assisting us into a new integrated reality.

Enjoy the wave!

Aries Lunar eclipse – exposé

10th Oct.

Lunar EclipseWow, I can’t remember an eclipse that has left such an indelible mark, as this one.

It’s as though another gear with which to shape life has dropped in. It’s not a fanciful idea, no, It’s here right now, out-of-the-box, a tool of palpable discernment.
Will this have a major impact on the way the World reflects upon itself?
Lets explore this further:

As the previous post (Trojan Horse) made reference too, The Uranus energies that are naturally prevalent at this time were magnified and anchored in our consciousness via the Moon.
The effect, is to knock us out of our normal orbit. The one where we are in the midst of the cause & effect of our lives, to a perspective that looks on from a sort of detached vantage point, yet while still being attached to the experience.

This is my experience of the eclipse, I realise everyone will be affected differently, why not share yours?

“All of a sudden, laid out before me, was a palette of colours, as though a master painter was at work, yet these were not oils but textures of the Soul, each one the effect of a cause, each one a thought borne of an emotion, the child of a belief. Palpable, pulsating, alive, representing the: good, bad and ugly, that i have journeyed through.
The canvas was constantly being recreated with scenes and scenarios, this is the life I am living, NOW, but each colour was loaded with MY sentiment and MY feeling, MY soul palette. This I contemplated.
I could see I was ‘choosing’ scenes that would portray me as the underdog or victim, allowing me to rise up against such a force in a justifiable demeanor. A hero’s journey of my own making. But the truth is, the entity I created as the ‘baddie’, was neutral until I decided to perceived it as a threat.
My life is in this motion now. Its flowing one moment to the next, like this.
But now I can see I have a choice how to paint and interpret each scene. I know now I experience my reality within myself. The colours are integral to my being.
Now I observe my mind, and change its search for conflict to one that’s harmonious.
I’m informing myself to select from a certain array of ‘inclusive’ colours, thanks to the Moon, Uranus et Al,, I can see it .”

I Expect the upcoming Solar eclipse, and supporting solar flares to ‘fire’ this into physical consciousness.

Collectively as a World, the same effect applies. The colours we painted our larger reality with, are surfacing. Old conflicts, Old wounds. (As I’m writing I hear the Pakistan-India one has bubbled up). With this newly anchored extra-Saturn perspective, you will see humanity, stop and enquire what all this is about. Why? What for? We will look into these issues like never before, and this will be simply a reflection of the individual reorientation that’s taking place.

Lastly, the great thing is this is not just a flash-in-the-pan, flitting insight, but a progressive, solid, build up to a whole new way of relating to our self created reality. These eclipses will keep building on the groundwork of the previous, until we consciously embody the full planetary spectrum of our Solar System.
We have no immunity to it, Ebola, Dengue fever…, reflecting this knowing physically and collectively.

More to come….

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