Quantum Enlightenment & 2012

I had for more than a dozen years been fascinated by 21:12:2012 and its significance.  By the time it was due to come around I was well prepared to let-go and ‘feel’ into it.

I discovered a distinct  shift from one ‘energy’ to another,  in the form of two geometric ‘programs’.  Namely a shift from the beautiful masterpiece, that is The ‘unbalanced’  Sri Yantra (four masculine upward pointing triangles – Shiva and 5 downward pointing feminine triangles – Shakti), a ‘linear’, perpetual, duality making machine. ‘9’ Balanced –  Imbalance, downward spiral, limitation, earth-bound weightiness.  Vulnerability.  The World for thousands of years, all its trials & tribulations, pain & pleasure. Thank you Sri Yantra!

sri_yantraTo the still to be unfolded wonder, that is the perfectly balanced, Quantum, multidimensional, Meta-Cube known as: Metatron’s Cube. ’13’ :


This energetic pattern showed me so many things in early 2013, how its meta-qualities, allow one to be able to interpenetrate all forms: Rocks, trees, plants and share of their wisdom. A living library on our door-step. How a new field of ‘geometric relationship’ will unfold, children learning to ‘feel’ resonances within ‘shapes’ as though they were a physical texture. Starting with basic 2D shapes and moving into 3 D shapes, feeling vibration as proportion and dimension change, intermingling shapes to create new resonances, as a preparation to connect with living shapes, and ultimately to harmonise in a geometric relationship with all things as themselves.

It was to be 18 months later before these insights, brewing within, unfolded a deep JOY, the call to share, co-create, embody : Teleportation.

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Is fundamentally a concise awareness or knowing that one exists in an infinite Parallel Matrix.

Everything is available and accessible in the NOW.  Past, Present & Future. Indeed nothing has ever happened or will ever happen outside of this NOW field.

The NOW heralds a key breakthrough moment from the idea of a: ‘Linear’ to ‘Quantum’ perspective.  The Row of images we neatly  pass through from Birth to Death.  Like a movie, viewing 24 ‘static’ frames a second. from beginning to the end,  Extrapolating that out into  life, We are teleporting through ‘frames’ in a row, at planck speed giving the side-effect of: ‘birth’ to ‘death’.

The quantum age we have now entered, works differently, it allows us to break out of the ‘row’, and experience ourselves well quantumly. As teleportation evolves from simple ‘jumps’ in the row of our ‘ordered’ life, we will be able to choose to experience it quite differently, maybe i’d like to experience old age before my adolescence?

The ‘Now’, is the unveiling of ones universalscope.

A great video – Bashar explaining the NOW and how it shapes our Past & Future.


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The Secret behind Energy – Shifting / Healing Techniques

Matrix Energetics , ThetaHealing, Yuen Method, Now Healing, EFT Meridian tapping,  Energy Healing, Energy medicine etc..
are all energy shifting techniques.

I myself am a practitioner of 2 types:  Dr Yuen’s ‘correction’ method, and Matrix Energetics, 2-pointer.  I have had exceptional results with both mediums over the past 7 years.  However it became apparent that such results for the clients were 99% temporary,  some lasted days others months.

I became aware that should the client revert back to their default belief patterns the pain & discomfort that they were attempting to be clear of would return.

I have heard of other practitioners who have tried & tested numerous similar techniques, all with the same conclusion.

How does it work?

Practitioners generally agree that it matters not what technique you use, so long as the  ‘practitioners intent and belief‘ is there.

From a ‘Teleporters’ standpoint (see parallel realities for more info) what is actually happening, is: The Practitioner begins to set up a field based on a ‘whole’ or ‘Healed’ intent,  thereby instantly shifting to a Parallel Earth that matches their field of vibration.  Now every ‘client’ is now a new version of themselves living in a frequency whereby that particular aliment cannot survive due  the healed or whole atmosphere.

Using the metaphor of altitude.  Crops & plants specifically grow and inhabit bands of climate ranges.  If I were suffering from an illness that related to ‘trees’ , I could shift myself to a higher altitude above the tree line and thus would be free of that aliment., as trees can not survive in my new found surroundings.

The same thing works for beliefs, feelings and thoughts. While they are divided, confused or hurt, one can simply shift to a vibration whereby  such ailing sentiments cannot survive.

Please see information regarding: Beliefs






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Emotional Cleansing

One’s emotions are pointers to Unconscious Belief patterns.

Without a belief one can’t produce an emotion.

Here is an Essassani technique:

When an Emotion arises, find out what you would have to believe is true about yourself in that circumstance in order to generate that feeling.

Then change that belief.

This is a great way to positively use an emotion to find and root out the underlying cause of it.

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