Alchemical Exercise

Giant moai, standing silently below the three volcanoes that form Easter Island, gazing  over nothing but endless ocean.
This permission slip exercise, harnesses an ancient Breathing code, inspired by the Moai.

The preamble: We will use Breath as our medium. Air is the mediating element between Fire & Water. Like a battery, the mediating substance stores the charged energy. Orientals call it Prana, Chi etc,  according to Bashar his civilisation exist solely on it and humans arrive here with our Alpha breath and will leave with the Omega. So breath is an indisputable vehicle of transformation without which we’d all ‘short circuit’ into a dead battery. These three elements, created by Spirit, together formed the fourth: Earth, our physical embodiment. 

Eclipses highlight these processes by presenting a ‘time-space warp’ contrast eg: a lunar eclipse will take one through all the phases of a 28day lunar cycle in about half an hour. During a solar eclipse, one will experience a 12 hour night in 2mins, or two nights and 2 days in a 24 hour period.  Our seemingly fixed continuity relationship we have with our inner-outer reality perspective loosens.  I can still choose not to particpated by distracting myself via my ego mind maze or actively engage and surf these ambient energies.

To sum up, the Sun & Moon are like polarities of a battery, active & passive. (during daylight we’re mostly active, night – passive: resting, sleeping. After I actively run, I must rest) ‘So above, so below’, its happening in everything across the board, big or infinitesimally small. 

Now as these spheres shift into alignment, the mediating element – Air, life-force energy, alters accordingly. It becomes much less polarised and way more Unified. If one studies vedic science etc, one can read that the elements and emotions are synergistic, and integral to our behaviour. Eg: Fire: active = enthusiasm, passive= anger and so on. Usually we’re dancing on a see-saw of active-passive emotions, cause & effect does the rest. 

The Eclipses, especially, offer a moment of balance, of neutrality, of conjunction.

Here’s the exercise, if you like  write and let me know how it worked for you. But I find just doing the exercise is enough, something else takes over and we each discover what we need to.
 Moai Unity Breathing

get comfortable – either in a chair or laying down.

Close your eyes – better for first few times, then can try with eyes open.

So like a Moai, gaze into the Horizon (unlike a moai you do not have to physically overlook one), just imagine seeing the horizon ahead of you, sea meets sky, or land meets sky. Look at where the two meet, you are now focused looking at that point.

Now just breathe. (One doesn’t have to overload their lungs, with fast breathing, etc, just full, easy breaths). I breathe mostly through my nose.

Feel into your body. Parts of your body, progress this over time to total pore breathing.

Can switch and experience breathing with your abdomen only, or chest only or a combination. 

One can also add in Bashar’s breathing technique, where one is breathing as though it were a mouth breath, but through the nose. It can take practice to mesh these two together, but when you do its even more powerful.

When thoughts come up, just let them float on by as you continue to focus on the horizon.

No real time duration, could be hours, or 10 mins, depends on how deep you go.

If you feel a sensation of separation occurring, that’s good, that’s the previous ‘identity’ loosening. Fear can arise, panic, but only mildly,  it depends how heavily one is attached to their body-mind ego, parents, kids, work etc are all tied to it, getting you to believe that you’ll lose them if you change. Remember what Bashar said: “you will always be you, that can never change, you will only become more of who you are”

If you feel a sensation of ‘Falling’ or of about to Fall, lots of fear can come up, because one doesn’t feel they can survive such a huge bottomless Fall. Just Let GO, FALL, because – and this is so incredibly vital, there is no bottom, THERE IS NO BOTTOM, its infinite, bottomless. Which means you’re really FLYING!!! So have no fear, just jump.

The Eclipse energy of this cycle lasts until 21st Jan 2019. so if you do not slip though into a new you, during this eclipse there are plenty more opportunities. Ultimately this can become your default breath.


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​Bashar & Solar Eclipses

Bashar’s most recent public gathering, titled: The Manifestation Space, underlined the potential for transformation within the upcoming Solar Eclipse. The rapid switch from Light to Darkness to Daylight, being an opportunity to face and transform hidden Fears & negative belief patterns held within. He stated unequivocally: “The goal of having a life is to experience transformation. From One state to another. The process is the goal“, of course this is nothing new, Sages throughout history have uttered the same in a multitude of languages, however his opening monologue did have a novel approach, reflecting how ‘humans’ make reality believable. “MANIFESTATION begins with this prime (reality) belief.” he says. Which is “ a self created construct of my consciousness made to look like it’s OUTSIDE of me”. He went on to describe how this ‘prime belief’ is created via our ‘state of being’ (a frequency generated by our; beliefs Definitions, emotions & thought processes)  broadcasting out, then being reflected back to us through a sort of ‘This is Real’ confirmation filter  “Without this enhancement, physical reality would not be experienced as Real” he adds. Further, to relieve ourselves of this habit, we’re encouraged to become aware of this ‘prime belief’ constantly parroting ‘This is REAL’ which will have the opposing effect, Reality will become more illusory. 
I like the way Bashar uses a modern slant to get across an old, but timeless message. Here’s an oldie – enjoy 🙂

“There  was  once  a  seeker  who  approached  a  Sage  and  said,  “Master, have  you  seen  God?”  And  the  Sage  asked  him,  “Why do  you  want  to  know?”  The  seeker said, “If  you  have  seen God, you  can  give  me  his  darshan,  allow  me  to  see  him  also. The Sage  said, “Before  I  give  you  God’s  darshan  I  have  to introduce  you  to the  Lord.  Pray  tell me who are you?” And  the  seeker  puffed  himself up  and  said, “Why  I am John  Brown. The Sage  said, “John  Brown  was  the  name  that  was  given  at birth. Tell  me  who  you  really  are.  Who  are you?”  The  seeker said, “I  told  you  sir, I  am John Brown, I  am a Catholic.”  The  Sage  laughed and  he  said, “Your name, your religion were  given  to  you  at  birth. You  are  not that,  tell  me who  you  are?”  The  seeker  was  becoming  flabbergasted,  he  said,  “I  am  an architect.”  The Sage  laughed  again  and  said,  “You  went  to  school  to  be  an  architect,  this  is  your  profession. But I  want  you  to  tell  me  who you  are  right now  so that  I  can  give  you  the  darshan  of God.”  At  this  time  the  seeker was very nervous. And  he  said, “I am, I am a man!”  Again  the Sage laughed, “Obviously so, but  this is  your gender. Who are  you really? Who are  you  tell me?”  The  seeker was really upset  now. He  was crying  and  he  said, “I  am a part  of  the  family  of  human  beings  of  mankind.”  Again  the  Sage  laughed  and  he  said,  “This  is  your  genus.”  But he  looked  at  the  seeker and  he  had  a great  compassion  and  decided to give  him a teaching. He  said  to the  seeker, “You  have  such  little  knowledge  of who you  are. How can you  possibly know  who God  is? First  know  thyself. Know who you  are. Then you  will not have to ask anyone for the darshan of God. You will know it yourself.”

— Robert Adams, T121: You Have To Desire Freedom

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​Magic Moments

A strip of Dark ‘magnetized’ Sunlight is falling upon Planet Earth, August 21st 2017, But will it take a strip out of you?

If you witness these events, it has:
You the Boss, or your Boss, out-of-the-blue, decides every employee shall receive an equal share of the profits.  (your boss has suffered a magnetic moment, only electro-repulsion, creates such unbalanced dynamics as a CEO earning 200 to 400 times more than the average employees salary} 

Your personal HIS-story is wiped. Like an overexposed chemical photograph, all one’s retained ‘data’ of who they are, the images they reference as being a ‘me’, might not be there. This event is commonly know as ‘Enlightenment’. Like a Magic trick, we see it clear as ‘daylight’, then the mag-net-ician puts a cloth over, (dark Sun) , and then bingo, daylight again……whatever was there… isn’t any longer.

New Moons have always represented change, but supercharged ones aligned with a Total Solar Eclipse, like a Giant kid scorching the Earth with a Lunar magnifying glass, is a time of high-stakes change, particularly in the sweet spot. It’s forecast that about 200million people will experience it, putting it right up there with the most humans to ever witness one simultaneously. The hundredth monkey syndrome will no doubt be in ‘exponential’ overdrive. 

How can it alter people?

By plane-polarizing. A bit like the old chemical photography process, whereby the negative film is the inverse of the original. Dark where its Light, Light where its dark. The effects are many and different to each individual but the collective theme is (read preceding posts) a modification of the chemical balance in humans from a ‘divisive’ electro-repulisve disposition to ‘the many are one’, magnetic-attractive, state of being. The Total Solar eclipse (and Lunar Eclipse that filters Leo –Sun through Aquarius – Magnetic Moon) represents a giant photography developing lab, bathing the Earth’s surface, in negative ‘happy’ ions, a mag-net-ic moment indeed. 

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​’Christ Consciousness’ Eclipse footnotes:

This phase of Water-Fire (Aquarius-Leo), Lunar-Solar Eclipses; began 18th August 2016 (Aquarius Lunar Eclipse)  and will end with the Lunar Eclipse in Leo on 21st Jan 2019. 

During this period there will be Eight Eclipses (four: Aquarius-Leo pairs), Two of these will be Solar, beginning with the August 21st 2017 Eclipse in Leo and finishing in Aquarius on 15th Feb 2018.

As posted previously, this influence is reversing our Electro(fire)Magnetic(water) fluid, which all created existence is birthed within. Our YingYang is being rebalanced to Lead with ‘Water’ with ‘Fire’ following. Until now ‘Fire’ lead, ‘Water’ followed. 

These Eclipses are paired in a greater Cycle called ‘Saros’ lasting 18years 11days, meaning this is a Leo/Aquarius eclipse repeat, which went down between: August 1998 – July 2000.  Interestingly, numerologists mark the 1000’s to the 2000’s as a switch from Masculine (1’s) to feminine (2’s). What was going on for you back then?

Clearly we can see, from a numerological perspective, the 2’s will dominate from 2020. Thus these Eclipses are giving a key push in our personal & collective orientation. 

The Solar Saros cycle, is an eclipse measurement tool, which groups Eclipses into an even greater pattern,  they called this one: 145. which began hitting Earth, when ‘Harvard University’ came into being in January 1639 and won’t finish until year: 3009 (yes into the 3’s). It will produce 77 Solar Eclipses in that 1,370 year span (hitting all 12 astrological signs at least twice). ’77’ a Master number associated with ‘Christ Consciousness’ which appeals as a far better handle, than ‘145’….

By the way, there are approx.40 Saros cycles in effect on Planet Earth concurrently. The Last Saros cycle to hit the USA in Totality was ‘120’ in 1979, which also spans three millennia, beginning at the height of the Viking empire in AD 993 and ending 2195, 71 Solar Eclipses in all.

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The Human Reverse

Eclipscal Shock

Two major Eclipses are bearing down on Planet Earth this August. Pow Wow.

Brace for a; Body, Mind, Spirit JOLT. The ‘Sprouting’ event I mentioned in the previous post is underway.

Feminine energies, which terminated The Grey’s civilisation and created the whole Bashar thing, are uncompromisingly in play. Clearly, anything that can stop an intelligent Life form from self-reproducing should be taken notice of.

This event will play out in 7 billion+ personal ways. But the fundamentals (F) will remain the same across the board.

The Human Race is going into Human Reverseultimately in a good way.

(F): The Earth (and everything on & in it) is shifting Polarity, from a dominant Positive charge to a dominant Negative one. from: Repulsion to Attraction (imagine a magnet). The Electromagnetic creative, sustaining juices of our Solar system are rebalancing to produce a flavour slightly tilted in the Magnetic polarities favour. This will affect our consciousness, and how we perceive our reality.

It is already well visible & growing exponentially in our energy & motion sectors. Repulsion based systems that work by forcibly dividing molecules, Fossil Fuel, nuclear etc. are being superseded by ‘attractive’ implosive energies, Batteries, Solar and many more to come. ( characterised by evolving degrees of ‘Silence’ & ‘zero’ residue waste).

Tangible effects:

More, spatial & subjective, less Objective & materialistic.

Fear of the other (repulsion) giving way to; Affinity for the other (Magnetic attraction).

Shifting from ‘Finite’ to ‘Infinite’. No more A to B, goals, destination orientated life. It’s about how we feel, how we are, our ever present state of being.

A new colour will descend on life, instead of being illumined by the stark, unforgiving, directness of masculine Solar rays, we will be governed by a multitude of phases and shades akin to the ever changing Moon. Life will be purposely undetermined and unpredictable enhancing our Joy & new spatially centric disposition.

I am sure you can think of many ways, how this effect will play out individually & collectively.

On this note, if we follow the logic of parallel realities and the ‘splitting train tracks‘ metaphor we can deduce that we will all be given a choice of which Earth we prefer to Live on. Did the Grey’s, having reached this stage of their evolution, choose the ‘Solar-masculine’ path? Because this would nicely explain their offspring’s (essassani) glaring awkwardness at predicting our Earth’s future probabilities. I do not wish to be construed as ungrateful towards the Bashar material which this site is largely founded upon, for there are such wonderful gifts coming from this source, however I do wish to point out that one of the ‘Solar traits’, is to be ‘mental’ and ‘mindy’, and Earths present denial of ‘forms’ (environmental genocide) for some kind of salvation via an unknowable God, is not dissimilar in worshipping an unknowable E.T. Remember according to Bashar the Grey’s came to this Earth, primarily, to extract the Electromagnetic fluid for their survival, my words, Bashar would say healthy, reproducing DNA. I will write a more detailed post on this subject at a later date. But for now, when we become more ‘spatial’, we will wake up in ‘forms’, and discover – we are the Universe, or as Bashar stated ‘ the dimension we previously thought we were apart of’.

Getting back to what may happen collectively. How things will play out in this shift, is a Big call, but nothing should be discounted. Life will use Whatever is most effective. Expect a JOLT as the motion reverses, like a train being detached, a major contrast would do it, anything that guides a person to really look within and question the direction of their World, their life, what is important to them.

The glaring and most obvious one in the World right now, is a WAR. The Masculine Solar ‘sweet spot’ is specifically focused and triggering the USA (August 21 2017), Interestingly the USA as a Country & its president are both Ruled by Gemini (duality mind) the essence of the Eclipse rays are headstrong, dominant & indomitable LEO. So all the factors are in place for an international scrap with N.Korea which could morph into bigger things if different sides jump in, Russia, china, Iran, Israel etc. Again life will only use the scale required to get every one involved in their own reorientation or not. The Iraq war, financial crash, sit-ins, oil pipelines, and all protestations, were just preludes to gauge & reflect back to the people the scale of their own power. We ALL know now, what with instant communication, we individually can amass numbers that can topple any Government, any army, in a heartbeat. If a War eventuates it will be short-lived – the people will stop it, a precedent will be set, that will evolve and mature overtime, reversing real control, back to the people.

We just need the ‘reason’. AND one other thing, We have to de-hypothesise ourselves from the mindset that believes we perpetually must be ‘governed’. Bashar talks about this being derived from the ‘blue-blood’ lines of the Annuanki, our biological Dr. frankestein, creators and Gold loving Rulers. Inferring that, If we’re NOT being ruled, we have No right to Life and living. But I personally see it more from the ‘Solar’ trait, as a means to deal with the prevailing, divisive, electro ‘repulsion’ energies, and subsequently generated innate fear of the other. Thus we individually ceded to form societies, not through natural affinity with one another, but fear. safety in numbers to protect us from the ‘Other’, unfortunately we allowed our leaders to select who the ‘other’ was, and in many ways a countries might, was abused, bullies found they could grab the spoils, and the rest is consigned to history. Countries overpowering one another became a sort of perverse sport.

That has brought us to what we have now. Where its plainly obvious to everyone, these ‘administrative rulers’ are mostly self-indulgent jerks! fundamentally interested in feathering their own nest.

BUT what’s the alternative? That’s what stops us from changing things because individuals can’t see a viable alternative, and from a Solar mindset perspective that’s true. Better stay with the devil you know logic. However from a Lunar, Feminine Heartset, its simple. Just like nature, allow it to naturally evolve. Just stay spatially present. Everyone will find their own best place to be via natural ‘affinity’.. Government and to be governed, is now an old solar masculine maxim, that’s passé. We’re now at the event horizon of a whole new, autonomous reality and now is the time to latch on to any interdependent systems that wholly reflect it.

That’s what these Eclipses represent, they are the trigger or sprouting of this new life orientation.

Just watch how it now evolves and play your role in it, not from a confused state, but because you KNOW what’s going down and are in its flow. Time to wax the surfboard and ride the bow wave.

I will post an ‘infinite’ breathing exercise later, which is a good slip, in assisting detachment from ‘finite’ entanglement.

Love & light 🙂

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Trinity Germination

“How wonderful it is to imagine reality as a play,….my play”

The Libra Full Moon, just past, was the catalyst for a macrocosmic event, an event that happens regularly in the microcosm, namely the germination of seeds. Except this time around they were the first batch of new ‘Earthlings’ not ‘seedlings’.

This post follows on from the Easter Island, navel, water activation, which was a planet Earth event. Nothing has really changed except that it is now scaled up and taking place in the human body. The Hara, T(D)an Tien, Manipura, Third Chakra, whatever you know it as, the navel chakra is revealing the Trinity behind Duality. The whole event is unfolding in the ‘centre’ and gravitational balance point of the body.

It is initially taking place in those who have prepared their bodies & minds to be fertile enough to support this wave of germination.

There are two key phases and a few symptoms to this density displacement switch:

1) Germination

2) Sprouting

Germination: I feel,you, who are reading this will understand when I say the Cosmos is inside and reflected outside and we are the point of balance, the whole thing is like a giant ‘clockwork’ , so above, so below, ….I don’t want to give too much of a background here, i’d rather get to the main effects, but briefly: During the Full Moon, Three Giant Sun’s, teamed up: Regulus, Arcturus, Spica (known as the Spring Triangle Asterism). Spica, which is itself 12,000 times more luminous than our Sun, (wikipedia), United (conjunct) with our Moon. Eminent astrologists state “Spica rules the Navel Chakra”. Spica (Alpha Virginis), is the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo. Virgo, according to Alice bailey, stands for the ‘womb of the goddess; “in this constellation where the Full Moon falls, Soul & Body are blended”.

Of course, leading up to the Libra Full Moon, there has been much interplay with our Solar system and larger Cosmic bodies creating the conditions for this event and the ones still to unfold. So its not just about the Libra moon, but the whole ‘clockwork’, just this Libra sign of ‘balance’ between ‘two’ opposing sides, happens to mark the beginning of this particular ‘germination’ phase.

Now, the ‘proof is in the pudding’, not in quoting cycles of the cosmos, the effects of the germination phase are palpable. Each individual being activated by this will have uncovered it in ways tailored to them alone. It could come to you just as a ‘happening’ in a flash.

The Navel chakra, the belly becomes heavily magnetised, and draws the Mind, the chattering, thinking, believing, mind into the Hara centre. In this moment, one will feel like an ‘adult’ for the first time, mature & wise, viewing their previous life as childlike.

Another effect, is like the parting of the Red Sea, Ones beliefs are separated into two sides: unloved & Loved, but both these sides are seen to be ‘conditional’, a 3rd point of Love arises, a non-conditional Love, that has no birth or death, and no association to any entity. Viewing the duality through this third background point, a neutral interplay or discussion between these once staunch & seperate sides unfolds, rapidly they may fall into each other, as both sides are ‘Heros’ or ‘heroines’ to the other, this trinity innately recognises the unity they came out of. The outcome; one is freed from the plague of cyclonical dramas perpetually whipped up between these two. Unstable Duality, begins to shift to stable ‘trinity’. One is atop the see-saw.

There are other effects, like if someone is deliberately trying to gain advantage over you by being dishonest, if you allow it to happen its Ok, however if one moves to point this out, either verbally or non verbally, there is an instant effect in the ‘other’, they can double up in pain due to their hara aligning with yours and leaving naked the pain of self deception. One will notice a variety of silent physical energy ‘dialogues’ between others depending on their state of being.

2) Sprouting – Fiat Lux

This stage has not taken place in myself and I can only surmise the knowing I have received via the germination processes.

1) Germination is ‘below ground’, therefore a phase change will obviously occur as it hits the rays of the Sun, ‘above ground’.

2) Sprouting takes place also in the 3rd Chakra. The 3rd Chakra in a ‘Twin’ centre that comprises: Water (Hara, Dan Tien, Chi, navel) and Fire (manipura, solar plexus). Both are located in the belly as the prime elements of creation.

a) One can clearly deduce the Sun in this garden metaphor being the Solar plexus.

3) The opposed forces in Duality have created a vast supply of experiences, which become a sort ‘gun powder’ above ground, fuelling the next ‘lighted’ phase.

I have no idea when the ‘Sprouting’ phase will occur, perhaps the Soltisce? But one thing for sure is it will be ‘NOW’. And if one is not feeling the present germination boost, not to be too concerned, there’ll be another one and another, ad infinitum.

In summary, the great thing about these events is they happen en mass, ever increasing sized batches, and not isolated ‘enlightenment’ of a particular single entity, which happened in the previous era. And due to the new integrated matrix it happens against a backdrop whereby these Quantum beings have real utility & traction. They will be ‘effectual’ from the outset.

PS: The current political climate which seems to cast us back to an old cold war era, a stand-off between superpowers, is the symbolic and cyclic pattern of duality, perpetually stuck between a rock and a hard place. To deal with this, historically, as far as I can tell, our technique has been to deplete ourselves, to cull ourselves and start over again. like a battery that is fully charged we have two ends, a ‘plus’ & ‘minus’, we know they connect to something…..(trinity) anyway they often cross, and sparks fly…

‘Trinity’ is all about Timing.

Love & Light 🙂

It’s darkest before dawn.

The video below may assist those who have not come across genpo roshi before. His work on shifting to the ‘Apex’, is fundamental to the Hara trinity. Enjoy 🙂

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