machine teleportation

Machine assisted Teleportation

Machine assisted Teleportation encompasses : Sci-Fi Teleportation; Vacuum or spacetime Metric (VM) Teleportation & Quantum entanglement Teleportation.

All these methods are based around particle ( photons, atoms, ions and energy) manipulation via apparati. ie:  particle polarization and entanglement processes.

Notable achievements:

Cable – Quantum Teleportation record broken.  (Sept.19th 2016) Threading Q.T through fibre optic cables: record now stands at 7km.

Quantum Science satellite (Quess) launched. (16th Aug 2016). Experiments planned include; Quantum entanglement.

Physicists break distance record for quantum teleportation (Sept 22, 2015)   (NIST) have “teleported” or transferred quantum information carried in light particles over 100 kilometers (km) of optical fiber, four times farther than the previous record.

Physicists Make Big Leap In Quantum Teleportation (September 21, 2014)  information transited from light to matter, over a record distance of 25 kilometres (15.5 miles).

A world first! Success at complete quantum teleportation. (Furusawa group – September 11, 2013)

Quantum Teleportation Achieved over Record Distances ( August 9, 2012)

Austrian Scientists Experimentally Demonstrate “Quantum Teleportation” (December 15, 1997)

Quantum teleportation : First proposed (theoretically)  by Charles Bennett of IBM and his colleagues. (March 1993)

Wikipedia – Quantum Teleportation

Practical usage:

Quantum Internet (Feb 3rd 2014) – Felix Bussières et al – University of Geneva, Switzerland

Quantum Information ( Sept 12 2013) Dr Arkady Fedorov and Dr Matthias Baur et al, University of Queensland, Australia.

 Notable people & research (Theoretical)

Masahiro Hotta at Tohoku University, Japan:

‘Physicist proposes method to teleport energy’ ( Feb 5 2010)

Physicist Discovers How to Teleport Energy ( Feb 3 2010)

U.S.Air Force Research Laboratory Study,  Eric W. Davis (Nov 25 2003)

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