The Pleiades

The Pleiades
We have had some contact with these ‘cousin’ humanoid species. They are a direct offshoot of the idea of the original Orion diaspora, when they transformed themselves from Negative to Positive and spread amongst the Stars  in a positive way they also went to the Lyran star systems and developed civilisations there but eventually also went to the Pleiadian star systems  and developed civilisations there and as you also contain the Orion energies of transformation then that also directly connects us Humans to the Pleiadian as a type of cousin several times removed.
They are the best representation of what our planet will become physiology when we develop the idea of star travel  and a unified Earth in a positive way, with ideas of free energy, sisterhood and brotherhood, it will be unique but similar to the way the Pleiadian societies exist now, so they are, in a sense, a very good society to mirror vibrationally because it is they that represent our best potential  in 4th, fourth density transformational physical reality and in allowing yourself to feel and absorb that energy, and really feel our place amongst the stars, remember we’re an Alien to an Alien.
By mirroring and matching the Pleiadian vibration we will begin to take our place in the galactic alliance in a way that is representative of our full potential as physical Earth beings as we are becoming the sixth, 6th hybrid race.
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