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Magic Happens!

This will be the first of a series of Posts where I will attempt to convey what I consider to be a Reality ‘game changer’. Everything will be centred around a ‘phase change’ experience I had on 9th December 2017. I will hold nothing back, however due to the extent of the information, I will break it down into more easily digestible segmented Posts.

I feel fortunate that of the 70 or so subscribers to this blog many are familiar with Bashar and other modalities that are at the cutting edge of Humanities evolution. This will allow me to shoot from the hip rather than entertain language to placate a wider majority.

Post Teleportation experience, I realised there was something much greater of which ‘teleportation or bi-location’ was just a side effect within, thus I began to work towards unfolding what that might be. I put almost all; workshops, talks & retreats on hold.

During this time I assisted an exceptional Artist, NgaNgA, create a mostly dot art painting of the well known ‘Metatronic Cube’ image, however with a small but vitally important addition of a pentagon in the centre ( NgaNga’s mastertroke). This symbol I now refer to as: The Zion Light Body. Zion meaning a ‘perfect state of Being‘ (please do not confuse with religious Zionism & Israel although there are significant links which I’ll go into later).

Nganga Art1I began working with the regular metatronic image on the first new moon of 2013, the insight it imparted directly led me to explore teleportation as feasible, not fantasy. NgaNga’s metatronic painting was officially unveiled at the LOVE festival, 14th Feb 2016. I gave a ‘metatronic breathing’ workshop around it. And that led me to exploring it further but it wasn’t until the Autumn Equinox in 2016 following a deep mediation session on Bob Marley’s ZION rock, Jamacia, that the penny really dropped in how I should approach it. This will be the subject of a post, as it surprised me how the Metatronic, plant teachers & sober, disciplined meditation could actually ALL work harmoniously together.

I apologise for the preamble but each point I make i’ll be interlinking as we get deeper into this. The last symbol I wish to introduce before I share what actually happened is the ‘Eye of Zion‘, or ‘Perfect state of Perception‘ , unfortunately NgaNgA was occupied remodelling his beautiful Art Cafe in NZ. So I commissioned the art work here in Havana, Cuba. I took delivery on 27th Nov. gone.

Under a waning half moon, still night, on the North shore of isla Mujeres, Mexico in the arms of the Goddess, I beheld what I would immediately call, “The Immaculate Conception”. It was beyond my ability to conceive of it, not in my wildest dreams have I even come close to perceiving such a reality. This happening undoubtedly took place beyond my imagination.

For so long I felt like I had been pressing every ‘Zion’ button, pulling every lever, in a myriad of varying sequences, as though their were a special code or password or order to fire this up, and then BINGO!,

1) The Zion Light Body activated, more on this later, but like bashar said, ‘One raises their vibration to match the speed the reality is being created at’. 144,000Hz. What I found then happens is a Stable FRAME locks in. The FRAME is everything & anything I can see, feel. But its not part of me, we’re One & the same living being. I’m fully equalised with it and as it. Their is more light in the colours one sees. Its very similar to a kid playing a computer game, now I get why they are playing these games, its closer in reality to what’s coming, imagine the kid looking at the virtual scenery, its similar to that, fully real on a 1 to 1 scale, but although I am separate to it, I’m not, a paradox.

2) Eye of Zion – activates. Movement happens, the eye is altering the proportions, angles, ratios, length, breadth, depth, etc. I am not moving, the foreground is moving, everything is moving but I. But I’m not stationary, I am subject to ambient movements, I am flowing, flying, with exhilaration, through everything, Air, water, Earth, fire, whatever, as soon as I imagine it I head into it. I’ve never felt such a sense of freedom before and joyfull excitedness, the sensations my body was going through was off the charts ecstatic. I would rise up and fall on sort of currents of energy, but it wasn’t like a fairground ride of screams and out-of-controlledness, No the opposite, it was like I was holding myself, because I had zero fear, full trust and my body was everything anyhow, everything was absorbing the JOY, no part of me was in resistance.

I will write in depth about what I understand is happening from a mechanical ‘geometric’ perspective in later posts, as one is actually utilising & entrusted with the essence of the ‘Golden ratio’.

In closing this first post, I just want to share that I have made two observations, since returning to 3D life; 1) when I come across a mirror , I see the reflected image in the space in-between the perceiver and the mirror. Not on the surface of the mirror. 2) I know without trying to know, that everything in 3D reality is customised to me. Doesn’t matter if I go to the bread shop, to buy a loaf, I know that the reality is being made perfectly to suit me, and my experience. I don’t see 3D reality as solid & real as I once considered it to be.

There’s a lot more to share, next post will be on the fundamentals. The physics behind it. These are just the kindergarten beginnings I feel. Internet is hard to obtain in Cuba, so I cannot respond individually, I trust the posts will clarify most points. I intend to practice a few more times (with the Goddess, without her I couldn’t do it) then open to a few invited people on an informal retreat to see how it works and take it from there.

PS: I believe what happened to me was the shift from the CUBE (3D) to the HyperCube or tesseract state.

Autism – the Ultimate Specialists

Are Autistic individuals acting as catalysts for profound, collective dimensional transformation during the imminent shift to 4th density?
In this post we focus on the role Autistic individuals may have as our collective limitation experience draws to an end and the shift to an integrated, 4th density / 5th dimensional civilisation begins. Are they serving as potent ‘transformational seeds‘ catalyzing and guiding us into a new dimension?
Bashar, elucidates why an individual chooses an Autistic life and how it serves:

Content Removal Request  have acquiesce to a request from Darryl Anka, of Bashar Communications, to remove certain material, which includes the ‘linked’ page you are now on.

The timing of this request is seen as perfect from our standpoint. Since Jan 2015, I have felt a strong pull to reintegrate the ‘Bashar’ information as supplementary to a wider context, rather than representative of a core kernel in-itself.
I’m finding the re-balancing to be exciting, ecstatic and can’t wait to share it.

I’d like to thank Darryl and Bashar Communications for delivering the material and trust it has served some of you in its ‘transcribed’ form, until now.




autism understand us

Sufi Whirling – 99 day/night non-stop ‘Sema’

Sufi Whirling assists in opening to and embodying the Quantum Field. Please read this to understand a little more, how and why it works – ‘resolving the paradox.

Having attended the previous longest continuous whirling event (66day/night) a few years ago, at the same location, I can highly recommend this SEMA.

When: 16.05.2014 – 23.08.2014

Where: Yalova, Turkey (take a 1hr ferry ride from Istanbul then 10min bus shuttle) Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center in Yalova Gökçedere.

Cost: Free – donations are welcomed.

Food: Complimentary meals are served three times a day, (the town is a 10min walk away with many restaurants )

Accommodation: two (free of charge) dormitory rooms for men and women within the venue. also room for  pitching tents in the garden, plus many hotels and pensions located nearby.

Experience: Not a factor, just the draw to whirl and let go.

Music & Instruments: Live 24 hours a day, Turkish music and movement therapy tradition – learn more.

Thermal Springs: just a 15 min walk away are some of the oldest thermal springs in Turkey. A fantastic way to relax and meditate. more info.

More information on the SEMA.

The ‘One & Only Particle’

Please view this short clip whereby Bashar wonderfully descibes  the  ‘Prime Radiant’

Currently Quantum physicists  are mapping everything as ‘separate’,  each particle as an autonomous entity, uniquely different to every other particle around it, however their Quantum experiments are showing an different picture, like: Non-locality , entanglement and the ‘double slit experiment‘ . (Please click links for 3 short – entertaining videos)
Science’s pursuit of the ‘ Grand Unified Theory‘  is perhaps right in front of them, should they  embrace the ‘One particle appearing everywhere’ axiom.

The observer and observed as one thing, in a dynamic geometric harmony.
Please see our piece on: Quantum state-of-being

Quantum Enlightenment & 2012

I had for more than a dozen years been fascinated by 21:12:2012 and its significance.  By the time it was due to come around I was well prepared to let-go and ‘feel’ into it.

I discovered a distinct  shift from one ‘energy’ to another,  in the form of two geometric ‘programs’.  Namely a shift from the beautiful masterpiece, that is The ‘unbalanced’  Sri Yantra (four masculine upward pointing triangles – Shiva and 5 downward pointing feminine triangles – Shakti), a ‘linear’, perpetual, duality making machine. ‘9’ Balanced –  Imbalance, downward spiral, limitation, earth-bound weightiness.  Vulnerability.  The World for thousands of years, all its trials & tribulations, pain & pleasure. Thank you Sri Yantra!

sri_yantraTo the still to be unfolded wonder, that is the perfectly balanced, Quantum, multidimensional, Meta-Cube known as: Metatron’s Cube. ’13’ :


This energetic pattern showed me so many things in early 2013, how its meta-qualities, allow one to be able to interpenetrate all forms: Rocks, trees, plants and share of their wisdom. A living library on our door-step. How a new field of ‘geometric relationship’ will unfold, children learning to ‘feel’ resonances within ‘shapes’ as though they were a physical texture. Starting with basic 2D shapes and moving into 3 D shapes, feeling vibration as proportion and dimension change, intermingling shapes to create new resonances, as a preparation to connect with living shapes, and ultimately to harmonise in a geometric relationship with all things as themselves.

It was to be 18 months later before these insights, brewing within, unfolded a deep JOY, the call to share, co-create, embody : Teleportation.