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​Magic Moments

A strip of Dark ‘magnetized’ Sunlight is falling upon Planet Earth, August 21st 2017, But will it take a strip out of you?

If you witness these events, it has:
You the Boss, or your Boss, out-of-the-blue, decides every employee shall receive an equal share of the profits.  (your boss has suffered a magnetic moment, only electro-repulsion, creates such unbalanced dynamics as a CEO earning 200 to 400 times more than the average employees salary} 

Your personal HIS-story is wiped. Like an overexposed chemical photograph, all one’s retained ‘data’ of who they are, the images they reference as being a ‘me’, might not be there. This event is commonly know as ‘Enlightenment’. Like a Magic trick, we see it clear as ‘daylight’, then the mag-net-ician puts a cloth over, (dark Sun) , and then bingo, daylight again……whatever was there… isn’t any longer.

New Moons have always represented change, but supercharged ones aligned with a Total Solar Eclipse, like a Giant kid scorching the Earth with a Lunar magnifying glass, is a time of high-stakes change, particularly in the sweet spot. It’s forecast that about 200million people will experience it, putting it right up there with the most humans to ever witness one simultaneously. The hundredth monkey syndrome will no doubt be in ‘exponential’ overdrive. 

How can it alter people?

By plane-polarizing. A bit like the old chemical photography process, whereby the negative film is the inverse of the original. Dark where its Light, Light where its dark. The effects are many and different to each individual but the collective theme is (read preceding posts) a modification of the chemical balance in humans from a ‘divisive’ electro-repulisve disposition to ‘the many are one’, magnetic-attractive, state of being. The Total Solar eclipse (and Lunar Eclipse that filters Leo –Sun through Aquarius – Magnetic Moon) represents a giant photography developing lab, bathing the Earth’s surface, in negative ‘happy’ ions, a mag-net-ic moment indeed. 

​’Christ Consciousness’ Eclipse footnotes:

This phase of Water-Fire (Aquarius-Leo), Lunar-Solar Eclipses; began 18th August 2016 (Aquarius Lunar Eclipse)  and will end with the Lunar Eclipse in Leo on 21st Jan 2019. 

During this period there will be Eight Eclipses (four: Aquarius-Leo pairs), Two of these will be Solar, beginning with the August 21st 2017 Eclipse in Leo and finishing in Aquarius on 15th Feb 2018.

As posted previously, this influence is reversing our Electro(fire)Magnetic(water) fluid, which all created existence is birthed within. Our YingYang is being rebalanced to Lead with ‘Water’ with ‘Fire’ following. Until now ‘Fire’ lead, ‘Water’ followed. 

These Eclipses are paired in a greater Cycle called ‘Saros’ lasting 18years 11days, meaning this is a Leo/Aquarius eclipse repeat, which went down between: August 1998 – July 2000.  Interestingly, numerologists mark the 1000’s to the 2000’s as a switch from Masculine (1’s) to feminine (2’s). What was going on for you back then?

Clearly we can see, from a numerological perspective, the 2’s will dominate from 2020. Thus these Eclipses are giving a key push in our personal & collective orientation. 

The Solar Saros cycle, is an eclipse measurement tool, which groups Eclipses into an even greater pattern,  they called this one: 145. which began hitting Earth, when ‘Harvard University’ came into being in January 1639 and won’t finish until year: 3009 (yes into the 3’s). It will produce 77 Solar Eclipses in that 1,370 year span (hitting all 12 astrological signs at least twice). ’77’ a Master number associated with ‘Christ Consciousness’ which appeals as a far better handle, than ‘145’….

By the way, there are approx.40 Saros cycles in effect on Planet Earth concurrently. The Last Saros cycle to hit the USA in Totality was ‘120’ in 1979, which also spans three millennia, beginning at the height of the Viking empire in AD 993 and ending 2195, 71 Solar Eclipses in all.

Aries Lunar eclipse – exposé

10th Oct.

Lunar EclipseWow, I can’t remember an eclipse that has left such an indelible mark, as this one.

It’s as though another gear with which to shape life has dropped in. It’s not a fanciful idea, no, It’s here right now, out-of-the-box, a tool of palpable discernment.
Will this have a major impact on the way the World reflects upon itself?
Lets explore this further:

As the previous post (Trojan Horse) made reference too, The Uranus energies that are naturally prevalent at this time were magnified and anchored in our consciousness via the Moon.
The effect, is to knock us out of our normal orbit. The one where we are in the midst of the cause & effect of our lives, to a perspective that looks on from a sort of detached vantage point, yet while still being attached to the experience.

This is my experience of the eclipse, I realise everyone will be affected differently, why not share yours?

“All of a sudden, laid out before me, was a palette of colours, as though a master painter was at work, yet these were not oils but textures of the Soul, each one the effect of a cause, each one a thought borne of an emotion, the child of a belief. Palpable, pulsating, alive, representing the: good, bad and ugly, that i have journeyed through.
The canvas was constantly being recreated with scenes and scenarios, this is the life I am living, NOW, but each colour was loaded with MY sentiment and MY feeling, MY soul palette. This I contemplated.
I could see I was ‘choosing’ scenes that would portray me as the underdog or victim, allowing me to rise up against such a force in a justifiable demeanor. A hero’s journey of my own making. But the truth is, the entity I created as the ‘baddie’, was neutral until I decided to perceived it as a threat.
My life is in this motion now. Its flowing one moment to the next, like this.
But now I can see I have a choice how to paint and interpret each scene. I know now I experience my reality within myself. The colours are integral to my being.
Now I observe my mind, and change its search for conflict to one that’s harmonious.
I’m informing myself to select from a certain array of ‘inclusive’ colours, thanks to the Moon, Uranus et Al,, I can see it .”

I Expect the upcoming Solar eclipse, and supporting solar flares to ‘fire’ this into physical consciousness.

Collectively as a World, the same effect applies. The colours we painted our larger reality with, are surfacing. Old conflicts, Old wounds. (As I’m writing I hear the Pakistan-India one has bubbled up). With this newly anchored extra-Saturn perspective, you will see humanity, stop and enquire what all this is about. Why? What for? We will look into these issues like never before, and this will be simply a reflection of the individual reorientation that’s taking place.

Lastly, the great thing is this is not just a flash-in-the-pan, flitting insight, but a progressive, solid, build up to a whole new way of relating to our self created reality. These eclipses will keep building on the groundwork of the previous, until we consciously embody the full planetary spectrum of our Solar System.
We have no immunity to it, Ebola, Dengue fever…, reflecting this knowing physically and collectively.

More to come….

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Aries Total Lunar Eclipse – A Trojan Horse

4th Oct
Well this is beginning to shape into something quite extraordinary. Our Moon is acting as a surrogate for the extra-Saturn planets. On this eclipse it will to amplify, and cement the vibration of Uranus into our physical consciousness. Shifting Vibration like a switch, or clock to Neptune and then Pluto on the two subsequent Total Lunar Eclipses.

UranusNeptunePlutoBy setting up this symbiotic resonance we’re being stretched beyond the veil of Saturn, into a realm which we mostly only frequent during non-awake states. Saturn, allows our physical reality to be perceived and navigated in the way we’ve been accustomed to accept as normal & natural. To breach this field in the waking, physical state is going to open us to a whole new reality, a new way of perceiving ourselves. The Moon by impersonating these planets, is creating a preparatory field to adjust to them while in our ‘safe’ ‘normal’ reality domain. At least up until it becomes our default setting when the 3 x 999’s of 2016 kick in (read 999 post). The three nines also relate to the 9 rings of Saturn, cosmic choreography and chronology at its finest.

Uranus – 1st Total Lunar Eclipse: Libra combined with Uranus balances the Higher with the Physical mind. fusing Space and Time in a new dynamic. For example: Our bodies currently move against the background of static earth/space. But what if my Body was static and the Earth/space was the only thing that moved (a bit like dreaming a life while body asleep)? Now imagine a fusion between the two. its like that.
If you get glimpses of perceiving yourself from afar, like watching your life from a grandstand, then is a sign you’re being affected by these energies.

Neptune – 2nd Total Lunar Eclipse: Awake in the Dream

Pluto: : – 3rd Total Lunar Eclipse: more to come here, but along these lines: “Pluto/Scorpio ‘Kills Off’ the lesser and grosser attachments to the material, so that a more refined physical, emotional and mental body may be created for the decent of the Soul” Alan Oken

The main thing at this time is not to resist these energies, but to wallow in them, soak in it, revel in it, feel the Ecstasy, float with it. Re-label the new state you feel as normal and the old state as abnormal (thanks for serving but now time to move on). Embrace the fuller sense of self.

Each one of us will experience this uniquely, so it will be good to share how its unfolding and build a picture of the scope to this transformation. What are you noticing? what are the effects appearing like through you?

In a way these 3 (body, mind, soul) Total Lunar Eclipses are like building a rocket ship for a wonderful trip ahead, the rocket being launched on the 3 x 999 dates of 2016, Big changes ahead!
How we experience these eclipses will determine the sort of trajectory we can expect.

More to follow post Eclipse.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna!!!

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Crop Circles

How are they made?

“The energy that is manipulated, is the energy of your planets collective consciousness, the symbols are the expression of the symbolic dreaming that is going on in your collective consciousness now that it is waking up and talking to itself, waking itself up after a long, long, long dream into a new dream. There are other ET, dimensional beings involved in this co-creation.”  Bashar

What are they telling us?
“They are a bridge, a link, a  language from one reality shift to another.
Understand them by energy, Understand them by Tone, Understand them by form, Understand them by how they allow you to feel, Understand them by ratio, Understand them by mathematics, Understand them by any language you wish to because they are universal in that sense and they are the language of your universal collective unconsciousness becoming more conscious. you are waking up.”  Bashar

As if to underscore Bashar’s recent ‘Epsilon transmissions‘ plus his frequent reminders of imminent ET contact, the irony is not lost as a large crop circle appears within meters of a Teleport facility,  near Weilheim in Southern Bavaria, Germany.

Germany-Crop-CircleThe Raisting Satellite Earth Station, a one hour drive south west of Munich,  is the largest satellite communications facility in Germany operated by Talia.  The definition of an ‘Earth Station’ according to Wikipedia “An ground station, earth station, or earth terminal is a terrestrial terminal station designed for extraplanetary telecommunication with  spacecraft .

The Symbol clearly highlights a 3rd to 4th density shift. Most ET’s are dimensionally invisible to us, which is why this placing is so pertinent.  As our density changes, our spectrum of vision expands. The current three spatial dimensions we all live in; Length, Width & Height are being rendered into a permeable new field, a displacement occurs from the fixed  3D pattern,  loosening the reality we once recognised as solid, into an exciting new dynamic.

It’s worth noting the dramatic shortening of odds from 1000-1 to 66-1 or less, amongst established bookies of extraterrestrial  life being proven this year forth, is clear testament that our collective consciousness is already shifting in perspective.

Bashar – shares his Crop Circle insights:

The Bright side to War

It seems there’s not a day that passes without  a new addition to the World’s collective misery: Plane disappears, Plane blown out of the sky, 1700+ killed in Gaza,  Ebola outbreak, widespread Church-establishment sex abuse,  corporate fraud, fracking, worldwide refugees crisis, Libya, Afghanistan,.Iraq, Syria, Egypt internal wars, Mexican drug deaths, schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria,  Ukraine civil war, Russia economic sanctions, etc, etc.
It’s hard to find a positive amongst all this negativity, so let’s dip into an ET’s  ‘outside looking in’ perspective and see what they make of things:
Bashar (edited) : “You’re transforming from  Homo-sapien to Homo-galactica, current events are acting as a ‘crucible‘ as you become the latter from the former”.
“It Seems like there is an acceleration of negativity, acceleration of violence (on your planet), but really this is because you’re at the end of the cycle of limitation and you have to get it all out on the table and deal with it now, because there isn’t that much time left to deal with these things. You have to get all of the negativity out on the table in front of your face so that you can consciously decide what kind of a world you really prefer to have. 
So now that you know you’re strong enough to deal with it, you’re getting it all out of your system as fast as you can, having the most extreme examples come up.”
Osho - a certain kind of darkness

“You have in your terms of counting experienced so many limitations, so many ideas of negative energy, so many degrees of darkness but NOW you are transforming all of that into the light, it takes a strong consciousness to do that, it takes a very strong Soul to dive into very deep, dark realities and still with all that darkness, limitation, negativity, Still find their way to the Light, still transform that darkness into light, that takes a master. 

You are all stronger than you can possibly imagine. And you are not only learning this for yourself but you are teaching this to other civilisations.  Because Earth is one of the most limiting civilisations we have ever come across.

We tell stories about you, you are role models for transforming very dense limitation, this benefits other civilizations who find 
themselves in similar circumstances, Humans are great learners and also great teachers.” Bashar
Listen to video below, from 4min 30sec.