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Epsilon transmission – OMG!

Did I just hear a monumental landmark for planet Earth? A World Oversoul to World Oversoul handshake?

The Epsilon triad (+Epiphany & Eclipse) messages channelled through Darryl Anka this past June 2014, Solstice, clearly if found to be true, will go down in the story of homo-sapiens as..well I don’t know what to call it…. ET prophecy?, a species defining moment?

 But what can we expect? ‘Everything will change in the fall of 2016′ we are informed., Ok, but I wonder what sort of ‘change’ the collective consciousness of Essassani, along with Earth & Sirius are conjuring up? Will we know for sure we’re not alone in the Universe?, magically enter a 4th density state?, awake into a dreaming life? Or perhaps all three!

One of the most remarkable things about this prophetic message is we are given a finite, season long range for major change, whereas before predictions were tied to ‘probabilities’, thus the goalposts of any prediction were malleable.  Epsilon, one of the three artificially created spheres which house the trinary Essassani oversoul consciousness , called it a 2.5 year opportunity to integrate. That will take us to the December Solstice of 2016. But then we were also informed that changes would happen before the upcoming USA presidential elections, which are scheduled for; Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Transmission 1 & 2, say In the Fall of 2016 everything will change, but transmission 3 says before the Fall,. So its slightly unclear, but likely just a minor detail or an overlap (what do you reckon?).

The Northern hemisphere Fall, from an astronomical perspective begins on September 22nd (Autumn equinox) but meteorological seasons are approximately 3 weeks behind those, so I’ll yet you to form your own conclusions on the timeline for change, but now that we’ve discussed ‘when’, what about why and how? 

In previous Bashar transmissions it has been pointed out the timetable of ET contact, lie in our own hands, but the collective crossing of ‘the threshold ‘ is not, in that this was predetermined in the ‘Earth’ game-board of 3D limitation, by our Oversoul / higher Spirit, the awareness of which is carried within groups such as the; Mayan, Egyptians, Hopi etc. as 2012, but generally as a whole humanity is largely asleep too.

Now, according to Epsilon, it seems our collective amnesia has come to an end, and now the gentle rocking awake from a long dream has begun, the Essassani have set a lunar alarm clock, ensuring we do not oversleep, like any good nanny would.

Collectively the; Earth, Essassani and Sirius oversouls which correspond to the: Body, Mind, Spirit of a greater being, are awakening our Earthly (sub)-Oversouls (Bashar has previously shared that each (sub)-oversoul is experiencing itself via 20 to 30,000 individual souls – human beings, and these over-souls also have over-souls until we get to a singular Earth/World Soul, yet even that has an oversoul, and so on, all the way back to; God, the Prime Oversoul ).

The Epsilon Triad gives us clues to the sort of awakening we can expect by relaying exactly the influenced they have had own their own civilization (we) balance the lucidity of their dream life into the lucidity of their physical life, (we) catalysed and stabilised them (in)to the quasi-physical  reality, ..that is both Real and Dream”.

 This fits very well with Bashar’s opening 20th June 2014 monologue, titled “the awakening”, whereby he offers a technique to integrate the physical & dream states and later shares an ancient device, that was also a technique for experiencing similar states, namely the stone coffer in the Kings chamber of Giza. Bashar has already described this state in earlier transmissions as a hallmark of 4th Density, therefore this new exercise, and his recent focus on ‘lucid dreaming‘ , coupled with the Epsilon triad’s catalysing frequency seem to indicate an impending switch from third to fourth density (corresponding to a shift from fourth to fifth, in dimensional terms). 

Bashar has previously stated You are in the process of discovering that you are the reality that you previously thought you existed in..” and “Fourth density reality will allow you to experience your reality as a part of you . At first glance this seems a better approach than becoming aware of ET’s as a Globally recognised reality, as this would likely cause a contraction, heightening collective fear rather than alleviating it, but then again, sudden ET awareness might also shock humanity out of our violent habits, shifting our focus vertically instead of feuding horizontally, bringing about a ‘human family-bonding-unity’ we haven’t seen or experienced before.

Bashar adds weight to ET contact coming first, in an earlier channelled message: ‘the span’ he said sometime between 2015 and 2017 we would know for a certainty that we were not alone in the Universe. However a  shift into 4th Density first, could be argued as a far more logical intermediary step that will allow us to explore that we are creating our own reality and thus the reduction or elimination of our fear, opening the doorway to integrate the greater dimensional-space family as apart of ourselves that bit more smoothly.

Having said that, what shouldn’t be ruled out is a simultaneous triple whammy, Imagine the gob-smacked, boggle eyed feeling we will have when we are formally, informed of ET’s as societal reality! The conscious reprogramming, remapping that ‘pill’ would bring on individually and collectively can not be under estimated, wouldn’t that moment of suspended-belief be the perfect opportunity for our Oversouls to expand our sense of reality from one dimension to another while activating our 3rd strand ‘etheric’ DNA, which according to Bashar allows the Sassani civilisation to Live a perpetual dream. .    

The Essassani triad gave us such an honourable and ample duration of notice, “ this window timeframe (has) been given to allow yourself to align with the highest frequency”. While hearing this I couldn’t  help but reflect back to previous Bashar transmissions, namely about ‘2013’ marking the ‘splitting of the prism’ , and his train  tracks metaphor, where one should choose (align with) the train (resonance) they wish to be on, before the trains diverge from one another, making it harder and harder to change, until 2019 when it will be virtually impossible to switch trains (earth reality).

The coalescing of different groups, seems a happening thing, more and more I feel the diversity amongst friends. How does this play out?. Is this the nature of the ‘meta-sphere’ and the definition of parallel realities created from ones unique state-of-being, Parallel Earth’s?. Something to ponder on and a post to come.

With regards to the Lunar manipulation, and new ‘Earth soul’ resonance, and ‘riding the wave of change’, Epsilon said any lunar eclipse that you will now experience in totality will amplify and magnify the stabilization vibration and  act as a buffer zone, act as a gap, for allowing re-definition, re-design, re-creation, of yourselves as an identity on the oversoul level, so that that can filter down into the individual expressions on your planet that you each are”. 

There will be 3 total lunar Eclipses before the Fall of 2016. “ 8th October 2014, 4th Thus these lunar windows offer priceless ‘sweet-spots’ for major downloads and realignments. 

It’s obvious very, very, very few people will be aware of the Epsilon transmissions or indeed care about such things, and that’s all good. It seems the main thread is to simply follow ones JOY, Love, excitement, and little else matters, whether one is conscious of change or not, things will unfold perfectly. 

But what if one is highly alert and sensitive to these energies? and their Joy, excitement, passion is to embrace these lunar waves, to surf and play consciously and creatively in this field of transformation?  If you’re one of those, then you’re invited to: Aluna I


Bashar – Living a Waking Dream – Technique 2

Content Removal Request  have acquiesce to a request from Darryl Anka, of Bashar Communications, to remove certain material, which includes the ‘linked’ page you are now on.

The timing of this request is seen as perfect from our standpoint. Since Jan 2015, I have felt a strong pull to reintegrate the ‘Bashar’ information as supplementary to a wider context, rather than representative of a core kernel in-itself.
I’m finding the re-balancing to be exciting, ecstatic and can’t wait to share it.

I’d like to thank Darryl and Bashar Communications for delivering the material and trust it has served some of you in its ‘transcribed’ form, until now.

Physical Reality is but a Dream

Content Removal Request  have acquiesce to a request from Darryl Anka, of Bashar Communications, to remove certain material, which includes the ‘linked’ page you are now on.

The timing of this request is seen as perfect from our standpoint. Since Jan 2015, I have felt a strong pull to reintegrate the ‘Bashar’ information as supplementary to a wider context, rather than representative of a core kernel in-itself.
I’m finding the re-balancing to be exciting, ecstatic and can’t wait to share it.

I’d like to thank Darryl and Bashar Communications for delivering the material and trust it has served some of you in its ‘transcribed’ form, until now.

Teleportation – humorously entering our collective Conciousness

The new, Quantum field, that is synonymous with Teleportation is finding wonderful ways to enter the mainstream psyche.

It was Oscar Wilde who said:

“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

Pointing out the value of keeping a message ‘alive’, outweighs    whether it be positively or negatively conotated. No doubt, the more modern phrase “There is no such thing as bad publicity”, is echoing the same sentiment.

Since Quantum Scientists actually demonstrated ‘Teleportation’ in 1997′, and the many publicised successes of late, have clearly  shown ‘teleportation’ has evolved from an outlandish ‘Sci-Fi’ fantasy into the realms of ‘Non-fiction’. The perfect backdrop for an  April Fools which as we all know, must be plausibly truthful to be effective.

Thus we are pleased to attach a rather witty, reinforcement, of how teleportation will change our lives.

Monday, March 31, 2014

MBTA Unveils New Teleportation Proposal

In a statement made yesterday, the MBTA announced their plans to replace the entire subway, bus, and Commuter Rail network with teleporters by 2018. This is apparently starting with Government Center.

“Some people are wondering why it’s taking two whole years to renovate the station,” says MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott. “The truth is, this will be the first station on the system with the new teleporters. We will subsequently renovate every station and bus stop on the whole of the network.”

“This was a proposal made way back in the 1890s,” says MBTA Deputy General Manager Jonathan Davis. “They had wanted to build teleporters so that streetcars wouldn’t crowd up Tremont Street, but the technology just didn’t exist yet. They ended up building the subway instead.”

But the MBTA hasn’t forgotten about the original proposal. Since its inception in 1964, it’s had a group of researchers buried deep under Park Street Station, toiling away to try to find a solution. Finally, last year, Fred McFleffington figured it out.

“It’s not really that hard,” said McFleffington, who graduated from numerous Ivy League schools, “It’s just teleportation. Simple.”

The MBTA has gotten funding for this from the U.S. Government itself. President Obama says that this is a “new era in public transportation. And why not start it in Boston, where America’s first subway was?”

Michael Bloomberg, who was mayor of New York at the time, said he “is not amused” at the government’s decision to fund teleportation for Boston rather than New York.

The teleportation promises to “really speed up people’s commutes.” Here are some FAQ’s, soon to be published in a brochure that will be mailed to all MBTA customers:

An “artist’s impression” of the entrances. This is an approximation – there will be many more teleporters at each station.

How does it work?
Fred McFleffington is the only one that knows, so we have no idea.

Is it safe?
Absolutely. 100% of our 0 testers survived the teleportation process.

What lines will this affect?
Every subway, bus, and Commuter Rail stop will be replaced with a teleporter.

How will the subway stations work?
At subway stations, passengers will prepay at fare gates, then go to the teleporter they desire. There will be one teleporter per stop on the line, two for major stops. So the Green Line will have quite a few teleporters at its stops.

What about buses?
Existing bus stops will be converted to roadside teleporters. There will be one teleporter per stop on the bus network at each stop, for maximum convenience. The real reason we eliminated stops along Key Bus Routes is so teleporters don’t just line the road!

And Commuter Rail?
Pretty much the same as buses, one teleporter per station on the whole network.

That’s a lot of teleporters.
Yup. 137 at every Commuter Rail stop, and an incalculable amount at every bus stop.

How much will it cost to use a teleporter?
We want to make rides as cheap as possible for the benefit of our passengers. But it will be expensive to install all these teleporters, so a single ride will cost you $50.

When can I expect these teleporters to enter service?
We expect to get this done by 2018. Regular subway, bus, and Commuter Rail service will run until then.

2018? Really?

Is this an April Fool’s joke or something?
Yes, it is.