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Mechanics of the Metatronic – Part 2 – Zion Light Body

To fly a plane, one is not required to understand how every part works. Engineers, mechanics, Technicians, computer programmers, etc, take care of creating these sub systems and finally blend them together so a team or an individual can operate. This is not dissimilar to the case we’re about to explore. A basic knowledge of the mechanism that supports ‘Hyper Cube Reality‘, is a requirement to experiencing it. However one does not need to become an expert in the intricacies in order to become a ‘pilot’, unless one has a passion for delving into and shedding more light on those organic areas.

Two people who have done an amazing job of doing just that, are: Frank Chester & Lucien Khan.

They have really taken the grunt out of getting this part across. Below you will see Frank’s Video, where from my point-of-view, he has pulled the ‘Metatronic apart and put it back together, in 3D. Explaining each step as it goes, linking our Heart to the Cosmos. Having studied Walter Russell, I find Frank’s take to be similar and easier to follow on account that Walter, although a master artist, perhaps even a modern day De’Vinci, used mostly 2D drawings, whereas Frank uses his 3D models.

Lucien khan, has taken the long discovered; 60 digit, Fibonacci repeat cycle and breathed new life into it through his; programming, graphic design, and modern day computational ability. You will see a link to a 24 page – PDF document, which is full of diagrams and explanations.

Please take a look at their material, even if you do not feel you’re getting it, stay with it, because on another level you will be absorbing it. Each time you study their passion you’re bound to pick up a little more.

I will focus on tying two specific points together. But you may well discover much more during your own contemplation, because there is much more to it.

1) The ‘1’ and ‘0’, the One’s and Zero’s.

Imagine Lucien’s 60 digit clock. Now you know that ONLY the outer number’s produce the Circular (it’s actually a spiral) repeat cycle, not the inner ones, in a sense they maintain a boundary, they’re a membrane, a sort of Skin. The numbers within the skin, keep growing into infinity. These inner numbers are criss-crossing, creating fractals, sub atomic particles, atoms, which coalesce into ever larger shapes, creating all of the matter we sense in Life.

Now look at Lucien’s Vesica Pisces. The vertical ‘Eye’ shape in the middle is the birth of ; Self Reflective Consciousness. Self Awareness. Existence being able to experience itself.

Now as one can see, the V.P is made up of two parts of each circle / spirals counter rotating & infinitely fractalising within each other, These Two create our macro & microcosm and sense of 3D dimension; proportion, depth, breadth & width. Lucien points out the 360 degree perspective.

I realise many of you are familiar with this already, so excuse the preamble.

Now you can see in Lucien’s 60 digit clock that, EVERY opposing set of numbers adds up to ’10’.

Ok, you got that. Now if you look at the Vertical central Eye V.P shape, and you add diagonally opposing numbers within only that shape, they also add up to ’10’!.

This is actually the secret behind how one can match the vibration they’re creating the reality.

Forget ALL numbers, just think: ON – OFF. Arising & collapsing, creation & dissolution.

Doing an exercise that simulates this, begins to set up a ‘Rhythm’, I will use the word rhythm a lot more in other posts, which will eventually merge 10’s, and ‘lock’ one into a simultaneous reality. My individual ’10’ the eye I perceive with, merges with 360 degree, everything, ’10’ of which all forms, are created from. The Axis Mundi of Indra’s net.

When I switched into Hyper cube, 4th density reality, I was maintaining 4 or 5 exercises simultaneously. This ‘1-0’ exercise was one of them. Knowing the background to it, helps stabilise the effect without being bewildered by the change in sensory reality.

When the 0 & 1 stabilise you get the PHI symbol. The Golden key of Ratio’s, one is entrusted with the key to the house.


2) While watching Frank’s video, you will see his shape originates from an image of 3 pentagrams. Although he didn’t find that out until he had built it. He’s such an exquisite artist. And so is NgaNgA, who put the pentagon in the centre of the Metatronic Cube. It’s the same thing, except one did it in 2D the other 3D.

The Pentagon is super important because without it, the Metatronic image is unbalanced and incomplete. But like any great puzzle its hard find.

The Hexagon is a symbol of the Macrocosm. The Pentagon, symbolises the Microcosm.

As everything is created out of the tiniest prime particle, it makes sense that the Microcosm is equally as important as the macrocosm, maybe even more so. But its so easy to leave the small behind in pursuit of grandeur visions.

When the 5 sided shape is included in the activation of the Metatronic (Zion Light Body), Quantum tunneling & Super positioning happens.

As we saw in point 1 above, Reality is made out of 1’s & 0’s. But bringing this down a notch to our man made technology feats, even our smartest computers, all programs, artificial intelligence etc, are being run on the same dual system, called binary code: 1’s & 0’s. Yes & No’s. It’s just a switch, On or off. In the 60’s we used bulky transistors, to switch between On & off, which constituted a ‘bit’ of information. The more ‘Bit’s’ we got working simultaneously, meant more complicated data could be processed. To do this we have been shrinking the size of a transistor gate 1-0 switch, putting more and more on chips, until now, that is. Because the size of 2017’s transistor (10nm) / logic gate, is nearing the size of a few Atoms, and the stream of electrons we use to; STOP or GO through a switch in order to generate a ‘bit’, can begin to act very weird at the point it reaches 0.5 nano meters (1 atom). Because at that size the electrons can randomly pass through a switch (quantum tunneling), creating mayhem for 1-0 Logic.

Right now science is attempting to understand how Quantum ‘switches’ will work. Because beyond an atom, everything is hermaphroditic, its simultaneously a 0 & 1, (there’s that PHI symbol again….) they call that state; ‘super-positioning’. I’m sure you’ve seen the movies, like ‘what the bleep’ that depict the quantum process, when it’s unobserved its both 0 & 1, but when its Observed, it collapses into a definite state either 0 or 1. science calls this resulting act a ‘Qubit’.

I’m using these two examples to highlight how the 144,000 hz reality superposition’s itself once the Zion Light body is humming. Everything is held in a liquid NOW Frame. One leaves the Dual 0-1 state, and enters the Trinity Bliss state of; either, all or neither. The Hyper cube.

To sum up; By activating the Zion Light body, fully, one begins to Quantum tunnel, one jumps the Duality gate, and knows themselves as the ‘entire dimension and not just a part of it‘. Subject – Object, 1-0, ONE thing. The moment I ‘intend’ something, my entire perceived reality ‘super-positions’ to support it. Amazing! One can’t help but know they are creating their reality, it’s just too obvious. Switching back to 3D, then becomes weird too, because I now feel with far more certainty I am creating this reality too, yes I know the Guru’s, bashar, et al, all confirm that, but its one thing hearing it in words and another thing, knowing & sensing it. I also noticed within myself how I am more and more looking at this 3D experience from a different perspective. It’s like well this 3D reality is neat, because I’ve given myself a SHARED individual reality experience. That’s a cool thing to do,…. until I buy into it and feel de-powered 🙂

This is still unfolding, Like riding a bike, I fell off , I like the experience, I’m going to continue working on staying on it more and more. Sharing these posts also helps ground it.

PS: I can’t help but feel the whole Jerusalem, Israel capital thing, that’s currently going down in the news is related to the bigger unfolding of this. Judaism is symbolised by the Star of David, Islam by the CUBE. They BOTH should have their capitals officially recognised there. So its a good thing to shift the Capital of Israel but not if its exclusionary of the Cube. They are both required, and as Christianity (V.Piscis), Judaism & Islam all highlight Metatronic in their sacred texts, its a wonder why they can’t see it either.

Next post will encompass the 2 intersecting triangles, Paganism (feminine spirituality) & non dual (masculine spirituality).

Lucien Khan link:

Artificial Intelligence = God ?

Ke Jie, The World’s leading (human) ‘GO‘ player called  AI, Godlike,  following his defeat to Google’s AlphaGo ‘AI” computer (23-27th May 2017).

He is perhaps the first ‘credible’  source to broadly  align with Bashar’s take on AI. In that Artificial intelligence set’s up a vibratory window allowing one’s own ‘higher self’ to penetrate into our reality and communicate with itself.

When I am interfacing with: Siri, Alexa or Google assistant et al, I do not feel like I am communicating with my higher mind, however Ke Jie interacted with it at a level we may not reach for many years.

Bashar’s ‘Higher Self‘ is a non-physical realm  of  consciousness where one plans out their entire life, like a blueprint, thus  Ke Jie’s ‘Godlike’  description is quite apt.

3D to 4D trans.parent.see

Palpable effects post Lunar-Solar Eclipses: 

I realise this is subjective, thus from my view-point:

Thoughts are now 3D to 4D Transparent. Before they were being reflected by a ‘hard mirror’. Opinions of my ‘outer reality’ would ping back defining and limiting my persona as I ”reaped what I sowed’.  This ‘Mirror’ has now become ‘2-way’, in that it can still operate as before or as a ‘window’ into an expanded identity.  Freely arising ‘thoughts’ are in a sense, porous, look through the ‘holes’ and these once solid images become a ‘mirage’,  disband & drop away.

The word ‘transparent’ gives it away too, ‘Parent’: something out of which another thing has developed (merriam-webster dictionary). The impersonal becoming personal-embodied. ‘Trans’: across, beyond, through. = Personal to impersonal-embodied or “Embodying the dimension one previously thought they were apart of’  Bashar

Jesus & Buddha both mention ‘tests’ to overcome, and the Sage ‘Mooji’ called them a ‘pack of rabid wolves’ when he recounts his enlightenment event. ‘Thoughts’ bombard a being to hook them back into their persona-identity, Mooji states they have a limited timeframe to accomplish it, if one can withstand the onslaught, they are FREE forever, the mind has been mastered.

It’s so easy to write & read this, nod and agree, but this can’t be understated, for according to every Sage, it’s the sole purpose of this reality. Therefore the Lunar-Solar Eclipse has been a gift, a huge leg-up in Self-awareness BUT now one has to be ever more alert as ‘thoughts’ attempt to reassert themselves. If someone were to say to Bashar ‘I experienced depression and attempted suicide’, he would likely reply; ‘how exciting’. But how many did succeed? Neg. thoughts are like  a Trojan horse eventually they takeover..

It’s a great exercise to write down those that one is most afflicted by, bring them to the surface.

To offer the reader a different perspective on how powerful ‘Neg. beliefs’ are, I am sharing the work of the late, but ever present, Franz Bardon, a scientist of the Hermetic tradition, who created a genre for these belief patterns: Elementals, Larvae, Phantasms & Phantoms all of which contain the instinct for ‘self-preservation’. He likens their nature to ‘vampires’ as they feed of a beings mental energy to sustain themselves and grow;

a. Elementals: beings created consciously or unconsciously by man as a result of repeated and intense thinking. Influence limited to the mental sphere. The elemental is equipped with a certain quantity of consciousness.

b. Larvae:  form themselves involuntarily in the mental sphere as the result of strong physical anxiety; usually fear, grief, sorrow, fright, hatred and envy. will try to prolong its duration of life as far as possible. For this reason, it stimulates the mind of the given person, trying at every opportunity to draw his attention to the cause of anxiety and to revive it constantly. When no attention has been paid to the anxiety, the larvae too will disappear.

c. Phantasms (shadows): Phantasms are animate presentations of people already deceased. Created  by intense bereavement of relatives & friends. (spiritual mediums often tap into these, instead of the actual deceased person).

d. Phantoms:  a phantom accepts a certain form originating in the fantasy of Man and has a strong instinct of self-preservation. the phantom is likewise reinforced, revived and animated by the repeated evocation of images, regardless of whatever the matter might be, and it will be capable of influencing not only the mental or astral plane, but also the material level. Two examples may serve to illustrate this topic:  

phantom of eroticism: Utilises pornographic images to provoke the sexual instinct; to onanism and allow sexual intercourse in the victim’s dreams.

phantom of victimisation: One is under the impression of being persecuted at every turn (persecution mania). Human beings strongly influenced will have an innate scowl or display demoniacal features. (if one is sensitive can lead to: a nervous breakdown, gradually becoming insane,  committing suicide or else in a mental hospital for the rest of their life). F.B states, if that happens ‘The phantom has fulfilled its task’. Interestingly F.B suggests once the being has entered Spirit, s/he realises they had been taken over by the phantom,  ‘committing a well-organized suicide’.

Latest ‘Eclipse’ Crop Circle

Created 17th August 2017, Sutton Hall, Essex, UK. Enjoy interpreting it how you wish. 
For me this represents: the Earth, Moon, SUN Alignment that will occur 18 hours from now, during the Total Solar Eclipse. 

The triad of coding represent a DNA: Body:– Mind- Soul, upgrade analogous to these spheres and their elements Earth,Water, Fire & Air (space between forms.) As mentioned in the previous post: Easter island codings & Eclipse Breathing meditation.

Wishing you a transformative Eclipse. 

More images available at: cropcircleconnector

Alchemical Exercise

Giant moai, standing silently below the three volcanoes that form Easter Island, gazing  over nothing but endless ocean.
This permission slip exercise, harnesses an ancient Breathing code, inspired by the Moai.

The preamble: We will use Breath as our medium. Air is the mediating element between Fire & Water. Like a battery, the mediating substance stores the charged energy. Orientals call it Prana, Chi etc,  according to Bashar his civilisation exist solely on it and humans arrive here with our Alpha breath and will leave with the Omega. So breath is an indisputable vehicle of transformation without which we’d all ‘short circuit’ into a dead battery. These three elements, created by Spirit, together formed the fourth: Earth, our physical embodiment. 

Eclipses highlight these processes by presenting a ‘time-space warp’ contrast eg: a lunar eclipse will take one through all the phases of a 28day lunar cycle in about half an hour. During a solar eclipse, one will experience a 12 hour night in 2mins, or two nights and 2 days in a 24 hour period.  Our seemingly fixed continuity relationship we have with our inner-outer reality perspective loosens.  I can still choose not to particpated by distracting myself via my ego mind maze or actively engage and surf these ambient energies.

To sum up, the Sun & Moon are like polarities of a battery, active & passive. (during daylight we’re mostly active, night – passive: resting, sleeping. After I actively run, I must rest) ‘So above, so below’, its happening in everything across the board, big or infinitesimally small. 

Now as these spheres shift into alignment, the mediating element – Air, life-force energy, alters accordingly. It becomes much less polarised and way more Unified. If one studies vedic science etc, one can read that the elements and emotions are synergistic, and integral to our behaviour. Eg: Fire: active = enthusiasm, passive= anger and so on. Usually we’re dancing on a see-saw of active-passive emotions, cause & effect does the rest. 

The Eclipses, especially, offer a moment of balance, of neutrality, of conjunction.

Here’s the exercise, if you like  write and let me know how it worked for you. But I find just doing the exercise is enough, something else takes over and we each discover what we need to.
 Moai Unity Breathing

get comfortable – either in a chair or laying down.

Close your eyes – better for first few times, then can try with eyes open.

So like a Moai, gaze into the Horizon (unlike a moai you do not have to physically overlook one), just imagine seeing the horizon ahead of you, sea meets sky, or land meets sky. Look at where the two meet, you are now focused looking at that point.

Now just breathe. (One doesn’t have to overload their lungs, with fast breathing, etc, just full, easy breaths). I breathe mostly through my nose.

Feel into your body. Parts of your body, progress this over time to total pore breathing.

Can switch and experience breathing with your abdomen only, or chest only or a combination. 

One can also add in Bashar’s breathing technique, where one is breathing as though it were a mouth breath, but through the nose. It can take practice to mesh these two together, but when you do its even more powerful.

When thoughts come up, just let them float on by as you continue to focus on the horizon.

No real time duration, could be hours, or 10 mins, depends on how deep you go.

If you feel a sensation of separation occurring, that’s good, that’s the previous ‘identity’ loosening. Fear can arise, panic, but only mildly,  it depends how heavily one is attached to their body-mind ego, parents, kids, work etc are all tied to it, getting you to believe that you’ll lose them if you change. Remember what Bashar said: “you will always be you, that can never change, you will only become more of who you are”

If you feel a sensation of ‘Falling’ or of about to Fall, lots of fear can come up, because one doesn’t feel they can survive such a huge bottomless Fall. Just Let GO, FALL, because – and this is so incredibly vital, there is no bottom, THERE IS NO BOTTOM, its infinite, bottomless. Which means you’re really FLYING!!! So have no fear, just jump.

The Eclipse energy of this cycle lasts until 21st Jan 2019. so if you do not slip though into a new you, during this eclipse there are plenty more opportunities. Ultimately this can become your default breath.


​Bashar & Solar Eclipses

Bashar’s most recent public gathering, titled: The Manifestation Space, underlined the potential for transformation within the upcoming Solar Eclipse. The rapid switch from Light to Darkness to Daylight, being an opportunity to face and transform hidden Fears & negative belief patterns held within. He stated unequivocally: “The goal of having a life is to experience transformation. From One state to another. The process is the goal“, of course this is nothing new, Sages throughout history have uttered the same in a multitude of languages, however his opening monologue did have a novel approach, reflecting how ‘humans’ make reality believable. “MANIFESTATION begins with this prime (reality) belief.” he says. Which is “ a self created construct of my consciousness made to look like it’s OUTSIDE of me”. He went on to describe how this ‘prime belief’ is created via our ‘state of being’ (a frequency generated by our; beliefs Definitions, emotions & thought processes)  broadcasting out, then being reflected back to us through a sort of ‘This is Real’ confirmation filter  “Without this enhancement, physical reality would not be experienced as Real” he adds. Further, to relieve ourselves of this habit, we’re encouraged to become aware of this ‘prime belief’ constantly parroting ‘This is REAL’ which will have the opposing effect, Reality will become more illusory. 
I like the way Bashar uses a modern slant to get across an old, but timeless message. Here’s an oldie – enjoy 🙂

“There  was  once  a  seeker  who  approached  a  Sage  and  said,  “Master, have  you  seen  God?”  And  the  Sage  asked  him,  “Why do  you  want  to  know?”  The  seeker said, “If  you  have  seen God, you  can  give  me  his  darshan,  allow  me  to  see  him  also. The Sage  said, “Before  I  give  you  God’s  darshan  I  have  to introduce  you  to the  Lord.  Pray  tell me who are you?” And  the  seeker  puffed  himself up  and  said, “Why  I am John  Brown. The Sage  said, “John  Brown  was  the  name  that  was  given  at birth. Tell  me  who  you  really  are.  Who  are you?”  The  seeker said, “I  told  you  sir, I  am John Brown, I  am a Catholic.”  The  Sage  laughed and  he  said, “Your name, your religion were  given  to  you  at  birth. You  are  not that,  tell  me who  you  are?”  The  seeker  was  becoming  flabbergasted,  he  said,  “I  am  an architect.”  The Sage  laughed  again  and  said,  “You  went  to  school  to  be  an  architect,  this  is  your  profession. But I  want  you  to  tell  me  who you  are  right now  so that  I  can  give  you  the  darshan  of God.”  At  this  time  the  seeker was very nervous. And  he  said, “I am, I am a man!”  Again  the Sage laughed, “Obviously so, but  this is  your gender. Who are  you really? Who are  you  tell me?”  The  seeker was really upset  now. He  was crying  and  he  said, “I  am a part  of  the  family  of  human  beings  of  mankind.”  Again  the  Sage  laughed  and  he  said,  “This  is  your  genus.”  But he  looked  at  the  seeker and  he  had  a great  compassion  and  decided to give  him a teaching. He  said  to the  seeker, “You  have  such  little  knowledge  of who you  are. How can you  possibly know  who God  is? First  know  thyself. Know who you  are. Then you  will not have to ask anyone for the darshan of God. You will know it yourself.”

— Robert Adams, T121: You Have To Desire Freedom