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Involved in travel for most of my adult life, teleportation and quantum travel was an illogical, yet exciting next step. is the result of combining 13 years of spiritual enquiry & practice, with my passion for Joyful living and collective transformation.

Sufi Whirling – 99 day/night non-stop ‘Sema’

Sufi Whirling assists in opening to and embodying the Quantum Field. Please read this to understand a little more, how and why it works – ‘resolving the paradox.

Having attended the previous longest continuous whirling event (66day/night) a few years ago, at the same location, I can highly recommend this SEMA.

When: 16.05.2014 – 23.08.2014

Where: Yalova, Turkey (take a 1hr ferry ride from Istanbul then 10min bus shuttle) Mehmet Rasim Mutlu Cultural Center in Yalova Gökçedere.

Cost: Free – donations are welcomed.

Food: Complimentary meals are served three times a day, (the town is a 10min walk away with many restaurants )

Accommodation: two (free of charge) dormitory rooms for men and women within the venue. also room for  pitching tents in the garden, plus many hotels and pensions located nearby.

Experience: Not a factor, just the draw to whirl and let go.

Music & Instruments: Live 24 hours a day, Turkish music and movement therapy tradition – learn more.

Thermal Springs: just a 15 min walk away are some of the oldest thermal springs in Turkey. A fantastic way to relax and meditate. more info.

More information on the SEMA.

Teleportation – humorously entering our collective Conciousness

The new, Quantum field, that is synonymous with Teleportation is finding wonderful ways to enter the mainstream psyche.

It was Oscar Wilde who said:

“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

Pointing out the value of keeping a message ‘alive’, outweighs    whether it be positively or negatively conotated. No doubt, the more modern phrase “There is no such thing as bad publicity”, is echoing the same sentiment.

Since Quantum Scientists actually demonstrated ‘Teleportation’ in 1997′, and the many publicised successes of late, have clearly  shown ‘teleportation’ has evolved from an outlandish ‘Sci-Fi’ fantasy into the realms of ‘Non-fiction’. The perfect backdrop for an  April Fools which as we all know, must be plausibly truthful to be effective.

Thus we are pleased to attach a rather witty, reinforcement, of how teleportation will change our lives.

Monday, March 31, 2014

MBTA Unveils New Teleportation Proposal

In a statement made yesterday, the MBTA announced their plans to replace the entire subway, bus, and Commuter Rail network with teleporters by 2018. This is apparently starting with Government Center.

“Some people are wondering why it’s taking two whole years to renovate the station,” says MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott. “The truth is, this will be the first station on the system with the new teleporters. We will subsequently renovate every station and bus stop on the whole of the network.”

“This was a proposal made way back in the 1890s,” says MBTA Deputy General Manager Jonathan Davis. “They had wanted to build teleporters so that streetcars wouldn’t crowd up Tremont Street, but the technology just didn’t exist yet. They ended up building the subway instead.”

But the MBTA hasn’t forgotten about the original proposal. Since its inception in 1964, it’s had a group of researchers buried deep under Park Street Station, toiling away to try to find a solution. Finally, last year, Fred McFleffington figured it out.

“It’s not really that hard,” said McFleffington, who graduated from numerous Ivy League schools, “It’s just teleportation. Simple.”

The MBTA has gotten funding for this from the U.S. Government itself. President Obama says that this is a “new era in public transportation. And why not start it in Boston, where America’s first subway was?”

Michael Bloomberg, who was mayor of New York at the time, said he “is not amused” at the government’s decision to fund teleportation for Boston rather than New York.

The teleportation promises to “really speed up people’s commutes.” Here are some FAQ’s, soon to be published in a brochure that will be mailed to all MBTA customers:

An “artist’s impression” of the entrances. This is an approximation – there will be many more teleporters at each station.

How does it work?
Fred McFleffington is the only one that knows, so we have no idea.

Is it safe?
Absolutely. 100% of our 0 testers survived the teleportation process.

What lines will this affect?
Every subway, bus, and Commuter Rail stop will be replaced with a teleporter.

How will the subway stations work?
At subway stations, passengers will prepay at fare gates, then go to the teleporter they desire. There will be one teleporter per stop on the line, two for major stops. So the Green Line will have quite a few teleporters at its stops.

What about buses?
Existing bus stops will be converted to roadside teleporters. There will be one teleporter per stop on the bus network at each stop, for maximum convenience. The real reason we eliminated stops along Key Bus Routes is so teleporters don’t just line the road!

And Commuter Rail?
Pretty much the same as buses, one teleporter per station on the whole network.

That’s a lot of teleporters.
Yup. 137 at every Commuter Rail stop, and an incalculable amount at every bus stop.

How much will it cost to use a teleporter?
We want to make rides as cheap as possible for the benefit of our passengers. But it will be expensive to install all these teleporters, so a single ride will cost you $50.

When can I expect these teleporters to enter service?
We expect to get this done by 2018. Regular subway, bus, and Commuter Rail service will run until then.

2018? Really?

Is this an April Fool’s joke or something?
Yes, it is.

Quantum – State-of-Being

Whole being Integration, is the  thread that unites everything within this site, in-joy!

The leap from Linear (surface) to Quantum (integrated) can be described simply with these 2 circles. (please feel free to imagine the circles as spheres too)


The first one, Linear:  I am the static dot in the middle. I look from this point at myself (the world) reflectively. Like a bat with sonar, signals are sent out and echo back.  I know myself almost entirely through: ‘others’ & ‘things’. The BIG flaw and Gift with this linear orientation, is I never feel as though I know myself. So life is spent on a quest to know myself through outer ‘differentiation’  ‘others’ & ‘things’.

The 2nd Circle or sphere:


One has shifted from a ‘dot’ to now become the complete sphere. Now instead of looking inside-out, one is looking outside-in/out. One is now knowing themselves as everything within the sphere, including the sphere itself. This is a ‘whole’, ‘integrated’ perspective, one could call it Quantum Enlightenment. (Why? see this article)

Wherever I look within the sphere, I see myself, as a unique perspective of the oneness I now know myself to embody.  The outer ‘differentiation’ has transformed into a ‘geometric relationship’, whereby the photons, atoms & molecules, than spin in space to create ‘all physical things’, have now become one huge pattern that I now identify with, instead of a jigsaw piece I am now the completed image, appearing as a singular shape. As I look at the puzzle, it ceases to confuse me, as it once did, I see the perfect relationship of the parts to the whole.

Teleportation, which contributors here are unfolding, is based upon this knowing. The ‘whole’ in effect is a giant hologram, each shard within the hologram contains the ‘whole’ image. (the shard is the whole, and the whole is the shard). Thus although I mark myself out as an individual embodiment, a shard, I am also everything, simultaneously.  I am not a static pawn in a larger play, I am the ‘ex-static’ play itself.  a fully fluid free state-of-being.

One teleports by ‘seeing’ themselves wherever they wish to ‘see’ themselves: Seeing = believing, knowing, doing. The holographic nature of reality, means the atomic structure of myself exists in every possible location on Earth.

The  Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment (below), whereby the ‘Eye’ transforms the ‘effect’ physically, aptly underlines the point we are making.


This ‘method’ is pertaining to contributors discoveries which do not preclude other teleportation  methods & techniques as being equally valid or more practical than ours. We welcome diversity in this field, thus bringing into focus, into consciousness, more awareness of Quantum Travel.
Machine-Generated Teleportation links/info
Self-Generated Teleportation Links/info:

The ‘One & Only Particle’

Please view this short clip whereby Bashar wonderfully descibes  the  ‘Prime Radiant’

Currently Quantum physicists  are mapping everything as ‘separate’,  each particle as an autonomous entity, uniquely different to every other particle around it, however their Quantum experiments are showing an different picture, like: Non-locality , entanglement and the ‘double slit experiment‘ . (Please click links for 3 short – entertaining videos)
Science’s pursuit of the ‘ Grand Unified Theory‘  is perhaps right in front of them, should they  embrace the ‘One particle appearing everywhere’ axiom.

The observer and observed as one thing, in a dynamic geometric harmony.
Please see our piece on: Quantum state-of-being

Quantum Enlightenment & 2012

I had for more than a dozen years been fascinated by 21:12:2012 and its significance.  By the time it was due to come around I was well prepared to let-go and ‘feel’ into it.

I discovered a distinct  shift from one ‘energy’ to another,  in the form of two geometric ‘programs’.  Namely a shift from the beautiful masterpiece, that is The ‘unbalanced’  Sri Yantra (four masculine upward pointing triangles – Shiva and 5 downward pointing feminine triangles – Shakti), a ‘linear’, perpetual, duality making machine. ‘9’ Balanced –  Imbalance, downward spiral, limitation, earth-bound weightiness.  Vulnerability.  The World for thousands of years, all its trials & tribulations, pain & pleasure. Thank you Sri Yantra!

sri_yantraTo the still to be unfolded wonder, that is the perfectly balanced, Quantum, multidimensional, Meta-Cube known as: Metatron’s Cube. ’13’ :


This energetic pattern showed me so many things in early 2013, how its meta-qualities, allow one to be able to interpenetrate all forms: Rocks, trees, plants and share of their wisdom. A living library on our door-step. How a new field of ‘geometric relationship’ will unfold, children learning to ‘feel’ resonances within ‘shapes’ as though they were a physical texture. Starting with basic 2D shapes and moving into 3 D shapes, feeling vibration as proportion and dimension change, intermingling shapes to create new resonances, as a preparation to connect with living shapes, and ultimately to harmonise in a geometric relationship with all things as themselves.

It was to be 18 months later before these insights, brewing within, unfolded a deep JOY, the call to share, co-create, embody : Teleportation.


Is fundamentally a concise awareness or knowing that one exists in an infinite Parallel Matrix.

Everything is available and accessible in the NOW.  Past, Present & Future. Indeed nothing has ever happened or will ever happen outside of this NOW field.

The NOW heralds a key breakthrough moment from the idea of a: ‘Linear’ to ‘Quantum’ perspective.  The Row of images we neatly  pass through from Birth to Death.  Like a movie, viewing 24 ‘static’ frames a second. from beginning to the end,  Extrapolating that out into  life, We are teleporting through ‘frames’ in a row, at planck speed giving the side-effect of: ‘birth’ to ‘death’.

The quantum age we have now entered, works differently, it allows us to break out of the ‘row’, and experience ourselves well quantumly. As teleportation evolves from simple ‘jumps’ in the row of our ‘ordered’ life, we will be able to choose to experience it quite differently, maybe i’d like to experience old age before my adolescence?

The ‘Now’, is the unveiling of ones universalscope.

A great video – Bashar explaining the NOW and how it shapes our Past & Future.